New rig is here!


Well guys i finally bit the bullet and bought a second rig! UD1400 with a nice locking tunnel box and 14 foot bed! Excited for this build to come together. Anybody selling any extra equipment? :grin:image


I’m excited to see it. My next one will be similar. My 7x14 enclosed is so hard to work with in the city limits of New Orleans.


I was shooting for a box truck to not show so much of my equipment but the tunnel box will be nice for storing! I feel like the open bed will be much easier to use vs our extended cargo. We will be converting that to a single washer setup


The only issue i see thus far is we dont have much advertising space on this truck. Im looking into a full cab wrap, but that will not be much help for the people behind us on the road!


Weld a sign bracket. Make it happen get creative


+1. I’ve even seen some rigs where they put a sign panel on lift struts, so they could swing up out of the way to access equipment.


Thats a good idea!! Could hide a real or something behind it, slide it up when we get to jobs


All you need is something big enough for a phone number. When you get it built out even an idiot will be able to tell what you do.


show us some more pics from different angles.


ill grab some tomorrow!


Snapped another picture foryou guys!