New pump sight glass wheel not spinning?

Hey all. So quick question. Got a gp5.5 3500 pump brand new gx630 and pump and noticed today second day using the little yellow wheel or piece that usually spins in the sight glass on pump spins when I first start and then stops spinning at some point soon after. Local supplier said it’s nothing to worry about but every other pump I’ve used it has always spun. Made me think my pump wasn’t getting oil circulation. Being it’s under warranty for a year I take their word but figured I’d see what you all think. Don’t notice any issues or unusual sounds. Thank you.

I’ve seen them stop and go and stop and go… It’s normal… Keep going

Ok thanks just being a little paranoid probably since it’s new.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the wheel spinning on mine. But it’s not like I stand around watching it. Currently have about 175 hours on the machine with no noticeable decline in performance.

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Poverty of vocabulary


I didn’t realize they spin, but I’m a newb

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Very few of them do.

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Lol so my post was flagged :man_shrugging:t3:

I didn’t either. Mine doesn’t

Mine just has a dot. I will say that I switched to a different oil and it seems to be WAY better quality than the non detergent I got at oreilys. I got a gallon of non detergent farm oil. I forgot what weight.

The old oil would look milky while it was running and for a day or so after. But it would always clear up and it was never “creating oil” so I don’t think I have a pump problem. I changed the oil 25 run hours ago and it still looks new.

@squidskc we’re you having this problem or did you actually have a pump problem?

I get the oil from PT. Stays clear forever. I change it and it’s still clear.

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Cracked piston and bad seals

I swore mine did until I switched oils.

It won’t go milky unless there’s water in it. I’ve never ever had a sight glass spin. SAE 30 bar and chain oil is no different than SAE 30 small engine oil and it’s a lot cheaper. That’s what I use.

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The difference is the detergents in the oil. Pump oil as well as other non combustion engine oil is all rated ND . Non detergent. That’s the only real difference. Detergents can be harmful to seals and gaskets designed to work with water . But not likely. Oils are changing every year so what one was a rule or thumb 20 years ago will
Likely not apply anymore.

Don’t over think. Geez. Check the oil, go get paid.


My heavy line trucks get their pump oil changed once a year. It’s likely you’re just throwing good oil away. The engines on the other hand are another story, they see new 5w30 synthetic every week

Pump oil should be changed every 4 or 5 years whether you have time for it or not :slight_smile:


No way I’m going close to 5 years did you mean months???