New pump not pulling water

Bought a new pump from Russ he said it will pull from a tank. Nothing is coming out of the pump on or off. Removed the unloader and tried to start it nothing is working. Everything is turning inside. Any ideas.

Is your tank above the washer?

Sometimes idling it way down will help it pull a prime. Direct drive is not ideal though.

Post a picture of the tank


Shouldent water be coming out the pressure end of the pump

Unhook it and do a bucket test with that hose coming out of the tank. Direct drives don’t suck water so that tank needs to be flowing out a sufficient amount of water. I hear people claim some direct drives do, but I’ve yet to understand why/how…

Try “force feeding” it with a garden hose once until it pumps. Should be good after that (IF it will be able pull from your tank, that is)

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That tank is going at about 10 gallons a minute bucet test, next harden hose

With the hose attached?

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Primed it with softwash pump made horrible diarriah noise, good now

Pulling from the tank now?

Yes is a 3/4 hose gonna be good enough. I just now figured out I can attach a garden hose to the bulk head and gonna run two pressure washers off dirrerent aides if thr tank


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Dont use a garden hose to supply that machine. And put some hose clamps on it you may be sucking air

The pump just needed to be primed…


I’m gonna attempt to cut a corner and get 3/4 no crush hose. And yes you are right it was pulling lots of air. Now I just gotta figure out how to install a bulk head on the other side of the tank…

Oh these pumps pull above the tank too. I seen no difference in flow.

Just drill a hole in it and put bulkhead fitting in
I like some silicone on the outside of the tank
You dont want to cut corners supplying your machine that’s a recipe for disaster

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By cut corners I mean a 3/4 opposed to a 1 inch for the 4 gpm pump. I am just super confused on how to actually get the part in the hole. I am sure a string or something could help. I think this could end up being a good two man setup with 8 gpm for concrete when rarely needed

How big is that tank

125 gallon