New Pressure Washer Build Questions

I’m looking to build a budget 8gpm belt driven pressure washer. But I need some guidance…here’s what I have so far:



I need help with what pulley set up, belt, skid, unloader etc. I’d need to complete the build. Also where to purchase it online? I’d like to order it from one place if possible. I’m leaning towards Southside Equipment Inc. maybe…

Appreciate your time!

Have you considered just using a gear drive? It takes the guesswork out of things, no belts to worry about, and basically plug and play.

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I have but I’ve heard for hard use, go belt driven. :man_shrugging:t2:

Why did you create this topic twice?

You’re worried about hard use when it comes to a pump and then you’re going to pair it with a Predator…lol.

Plenty of guys run gear drives without issue. They run the pump at about the same rpm as belt drive. Sure, if the belts wear you can replace them but gears will last a long time as long as you keep gear oil in it and change it when you’re suppose too.

Here’s a pump that someone else threw on a Predator. Udor is known to be the best pump. There’s also a 7 gpm 3500 psi but I would stick to the 8 gpm 3000 psi. GPM is more important than pressure.

This pump will mount up to a Predator? Man, I have no idea what I’m doing here lol. I’ve been trying to research on here to say the least.

I wasn’t laughing at you it was just kind of funny reading it.

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Oh I bet lol! I’m just trying to get a solid set up to start. I have a 5k budget including a tailor to build on. It’s difficult to say the least.

I just mounted an Udor 7gpm gear drive to a predator. It’s only at 20 hours but it’s flawless so far.


HI welcome to the forums. I am not a pressure washer, but there are a couple of threads on here that discuss preddator builds

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Would you also like me to paint it for you? I’d imagine Southside would just make up a order for you easily enough. Call him up


I’m all for people having a go, but it’s probably wiser to purchase a pre assembled unit if you haven’t done this sort of stuff before. Less headaches and a superior end result.


I’m in on that @dperez I got some paint work needing done

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Ooooo I’ll give you twice my normal runs for no additional expense

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Gear drive is a lot less headache to put together than belt drive.

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What am I giving up going direct drive?


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I hear where you’re coming from. I was hoping to get something I can grow into I guess. But I could always use a smaller GPM unit as a backup? Appreciate the reply.

There are a couple guys on here who run Predators but, if you want to go completely bulletproof, I’d go with a Honda or even Vanguard. I’ve used Harbor Freight engines around the house and they’re hit or miss. I have one that is on a used tiller I bought years ago and runs like a champ. I’ve had others that didn’t last a year and that was only with occasion use. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using one there are just better options. I think they have their place though.

That pump will mount up to any engine with a 1" or 1-1/8" shaft. When you order a pump you usually have to clarify what size you have. I think the Predator 22hp is a 1" shaft.

Yes. 1”