New Ones to Softwashing


Just in case you are wondering what are the basics to a Softwash here is a video I did… Hope it helps some…


Nice video.
Was the brick not that dirty/bad? I mean shouldn’t brick be done with a roof mix?

Britton Emerson
Victoria BC Canada
Emerson Exteriors O/O (name change so it’s under construction)

I do not have sound on my pc, so please forgive me if I may ask some questions that you answered on the video.

What are you using for a soap tip to reach that high? It appears you are using one tip for high and low.

How long of a wand are you using?

What did you use for rinsing tips?

Nice vid.

Thanks for the share :slight_smile:

Great video, it’s one thing to read all about the “how to” in the forums, but getting to see how it’s done is a huge help!

No the brick wasn’t bad at all. Typically you can use just a regular house wash mix to effectivley clean brick with a typical house wash.

( I use the same tips for rinsing. I just pull the DS line out of the solution)

Yep no problem… Glad I could help…

Oh cool that’s great info and a huge time/troubleshooting tip! I haven’t ran into any brick yet only vinyl and hardi plank so far.
So you would say stucco is the only time you would use a stronger “roof mix” for a house wash job then?

Britton Emerson
Victoria BC Canada
Emerson Exteriors O/O (name change so it’s under construction)

nice work Alex! Is your fan tip 15, 20 or 25 degrees? And which camera are you using?


Alex I see your using a short wand set-up with your gun.

Do you prefer this set up with changing the tips on all jobs, or do you ever switch it up with a dual lance like this: Suttner America Company :: Products

My question is: Are dual lances worth the money, or is your simple set-up more practical all around?


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So Alex, you basically use just 2 nozzles to do the whole house? High and Low

I do the same. Soap with two nozzles (high and low), pull the injector and rinse with the same two nozzles. You would have to really really try to do damage with those two nozzles. It’s soft washing for dummies :-).

Just to clarify, when you say high and low you mean distance off the ground, not high and low pressure, right?

Correct. One shooter type soap nozzle to reach the high stuff and one fan type soap nozzle for the stuff closer to the ground.

Yes thats correct.

This is a very good thread Alex. Thank you for sharing.

my fan that we usually wash with is a 20 degree… I have a cpl 15 degree that I keep on the truck. Im using the Go Pro Silver… Its a great tool for when I want to do videos like that… But also very fun on vacations and family outings… Its a great purchase… :wink:

sweet vid thanks for posting

You mentioned that the customer did not want the gutters cleaned and that you would not have to brush them. Is it common that even though you spray the chemicals on the gutter area that you will still have to use a brush on them? Do they not clean as easily as anything else? This is one of the main things that I am wondering about at the moment. Thanks for your time.