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I thought I read that somwhere, apparently it’s a bad idea, must have been FB…I’m no good with budget rig suggestions, lol. We have x-jets, but we only use them if we need to spray deactivator on anything…or as a plan C to wash a house if everything else breaks an hour from the shop… Come to think of it, they allow a higher mix, but not a lower pressure…duh

What’s up guys. Looking to convert my little 5x8 trailer into a pressure wash rig. Only doing this as a side hustle where I can drop the trailer and use my truck for whatever else I want to do as needed. I’m very fortunate in that I do not need to go into any debt to build this out, but obviously everyone does have some kind of a budget. Been looking at all the beginner equipment lists and what not. Very good information. Im here to absorb knowledge. Thanks

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