New jrod hoodie

available on Friday from what I am told.
Will try them out and will let you know as soon as I start pwing again.


Are we doing this again?

Rd. 2, no personal attacks and we should be good.

Are you making these?

hopefully not, and hope to stay on topic

I want one, on 3 conditions:

Under $9
Under 1 oz
Neon green


9.99 each without the plugs
I wanted pink

Russ at Southside equipment is selling them. Those pics are from his Facebook ad

actually they are from the manufacturer.

I stand corrected. Barens.

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@Ikii. Please don’t tell us that you were going to just order from these guys and sell to people on here at an upsell…

I mean if you make something cool that’s awesome, or if your a vendor that sells equipment.

But that just seems shady to me

I am currently selling them for $29.99 plus shipping. Don’t be the cheap guy. Spend money to make money. Message me for your orders.


That’s good. Nobody likes the $9.99 guy.

I’m tempted to buy one from @Ikii for running him through the ringer so hard but even at $9 it just doesn’t feel like a good value.


You have to be a vendor to buy from barens

I read about a guy who made I little soap case thingy with a sponge inside that velcroed to the under side of your hood. When you checked your oil you ran the dipstick thru the sponge to clean it off. It was cheesy but he sold a couple million for a buck a piece.


I probably would order one at $10 if neon or pink…blue or black there’s no purpose

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Are these plastic?

Going to order them from @AaronRoot
And try them as soon as i can
My understanding is that they are plastic and so far only come in blue.

material used is Thermoplastic Polyurethane / Elastic Polymer.
Barens is a wholesaler, please contact your preferred pressure washer / parts dealer or search online for pricing.

@Ikii is right. They are made of tpu (thermoplastic polyurethane). We are in the first 5 to have the option to offer them and I have had one in my hands testing for the past few weeks. Barens is the manufacturer and the wholesaler so they are not available to the public through them. We have them as well as Russ but I’m not sure if the other vendors that have the opportunity to get them.

As they get a handle on production more will be available.

The huge thing I love is that they are made here in the USA.


What I want is a 3 nozzle version, in a triangular pattern, neon green. And I want a 25% price cut, because “less plastic” :joy:


@Chris can you reach out to barons. If members here are actually going to pay money for these we would rather you make a nickel than an outside vendor