New Hose Supplier

Just went through my Neptune 1 wire hoses. It was more expensive than the cheaper blue hose I was buying from Pressuretek and didn’t last a 3 months. Total crap and almost double the price. Hose Company only sells through a distributor and it’s now called Fierce Jet hose. has it. I’m going to try that next. I know 2 wire lasts longer but my guys complain about the 2 wire. Also dealing with new quick connects that don’t connect. Super frustrating.

I’ve lost at least 5 two hundred ft sections since the first of the year from various vendors

The kevlar hose was the least reliable and most expensive

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Huh, kevlar didn’t work. Good to know. Anyone try the Flexzilla yet?

It lasted 4 days before it got a hole in it.

You’re a creative guy. You should make something with all of those. @ person hammock, boat lift, heavy duty cargo net, who knows the possibilities.


Man, I got so many projects going on all the time and now you throw this challenge. Yesterday was replacing the chain at the cabin with a gate. My 16 year old did the welding on his own



He’s getting a little big for that red car, lol. Surely you’ve gotten him a truck already. Just don’t misguide him in life and buy him a Ford. Buy him a nice 5.3 Chevy with a blown engine and tell him when he gets it rebuilt he can start driving it. Incentive.

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Car is for my nephew. I’m ashamed to say me baby boy is a Chevy guy, with the exception of Joe Gibbs Racing. His dream car is an old Impala. Her gets his license in about two more weeks. This is his.

1996 s10


@Racer @Innocentbystander you could make a tree swing out of your old hose…. It’s my kids favorite thing to do now.


That’s a classic. Cool

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Be sure to tell that talented young man his photos have reached the pacific and we love it! :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Lol, what the pics don’t show is him saying, “dad, I keep burning holes, you gotta fix another one” He’s a keeper for sure.

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I wouldn’t trust house now a days to hold up a swing lol

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@Innocentbystander I mean once he gets a little bigger, I’ll have to use some 2 wire…. Single works great right now. No signs of wearing out yet

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If anyone is still using JGB Hose, they were acquired a few years back by another company, Echelon Supply and Service, and that is now the name that they go by.

My last order of 1 wire lasted about a year from them.

The BCE 2 wire is still going strong. It turns 2 years old next month.

I’ve found that running 100 ft of 2 wire and then running 100 ft of 1 wire is working well for me. The 2 wire rarely comes off the reel so I’m not lugging around the heavy stuff but I get the benefit of it lasting longer.

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Still haven’t tried 1 wire yet, I’ve found 2 wire is easy enough to use
Might get some next time I need new hose to try out