New gun, ball valve, swivel

Got my package from PressureTek today and got everything assembled. I’ve just been using the gun that came with my DeWalt pressure washer so far. This one seems much nicer.

Thanks @Innocentbystander for recommending the 6" lance pipe nipple. I have quick connects on both ends of the lance so I can try soft washing with and without the lance easily. I saw that @anon1966941 attached the lance directly to the gun. Not sure if most of you guys do that, but I thought this would work best for me.


Why do some many use a short lance?

Is that a suttner trigger gun? It looks just like mine, but purple.

@awesomewash1 a shorter gun keeps you from fighting the lever action of the lance. It reduces fatigue. I don’t know how anyone can use the angled lances. You’re fighting the thing all day.

Also, a shorter gun is faster to change nozzles so you can free up a few seconds to walk back to the truck to turn off soap.


Yes. Suttner 2605 I think is what it is. I looked around on the forum a bit and it seems like this gun was the most decorated of them all.

I also discovered this past weekend that it’s hard to softwash under a low awning on a porch with a long lance on a gun. It was really awkward. I think this setup will be much more efficient and comfortable.

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I use this, cause i use hot water on every job.

And the same set up as u show, but i custom my tips

How do you custom a tip?

I use this at bith ends of my guns.

Besause its easier to change tips and to get the quick connects off…so the 4 in line are more spaced out.
I use a 60, 20, 40 50

I use the gun and tip only to apply the wash solution. I call it a sharp shooter. Rest of the time I use an 18’ or 24" lance

Man that looks like alot of extra weight just hanging off the back of that gun…

I agree, it’s heavy, but it seems like a lot of people like doing it this way. I think the benefits are going to outweigh the cons (pun intended). But it’s all quick connected, so it’d be easy to remove if it becomes a problem.

Also, I found this the other day. Never realized this was an option, but it looks helpful.

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Next video will show you how to eat a burger…lol

It’s not as bad as it seems, at leats for me, but you can put a 6 ft jumper between the gun and ball valve, so that it lays on the ground while you are washing.

Ive never understood the need for a swivel at the end of the gun mainly need it when doing flatwork. Id also attach the ball valve directly to the end of your hose. This way your ball valve follows you to every piece of equipment operated.

I’m going to put it on the end of my hose. I just assembled it in my house. I don’t have a trailer or reels yet, so I have to full take everything apart after each job, so I’ll probably be attaching and detaching it until I get a trailer and hose reels. Then I’ll leave it on the hose like you mention.

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I gotta get me one of those ball valves. THat’ll save me turning off then on my PW when switching from XJet to surface cleaner. (That XJet is like getting my mojo back!)

I started from day 1 with a ball valve. I couldn’t imagine not using one


That’s good to hear. I have my first commercial building wash this Friday night so I’ll get to try it out for the first time. I’m hoping it’ll really simplify washing and also transitioning between want and surface cleaner.

I am sure cheap and don’t do enough surface work for me to get one. I do think I will need one once I am able to wash driveways faster.

Time is money. The valves are cheap

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Let him get insurance and proper surfactant first.