New driveway screwed with pressure washing

I am new to pressure washing, bought a home new last year and the driveway was put on about 15 months ago. I borrowed a friends 2800 psi pressure washer and used the green nozzle (25 degree tip) to power wash my driveway. I pressure washed it about two times. Once the concrete was dried, I immediately noticed long parallel broom lines in the concrete (See pic via google drive link). I am not sure if I etched the concrete with the pressure washing or if those broom lines were always there and i just noticed it after the dirt was gone.

I am going crazy as its a new home / driveway and i would not like to see my investment go in the drain. Any idea of what can be done now or how i should approach this?

had to already be there from what i see… you can zoom UP CLOSE.
seems you seen that before us started?

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I have no way of knowing if it was there before or the pressure washer etched the concrete

Imagine mowing your lawn with a weed whacker. What are the chances you’d leave lines?

Same with using a wand vs surface cleaner.

How close were you getting with the wand? What soap were you using?
Try recleaning with a surface cleaner.


I didnt use soup only pressure from 6 to 8 inches away. I was instructed incorrectly. Would surface cleaner with soap blend those line or remove them?

I don’t see anything wrong with this? That’s just the type of finish that was put on the concrete.


Oh really. I called the local pressure washing company here where i live and they told me i used too much pressure and it removed the cream from the concrete. I used the 25 degree nozle from 6 inches away.

What does that mean? Lol

Anyway… your concrete problem (not even a real problem) is that it was done by lazy finishers. I’m 1012% positive you didn’t cut nearly perfect straight lines with your pressure washer wand.

How bad was it that you couldn’t see the actual concrete?


Just a crap finish by the concrete guys. You didn’t cause this.

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It wasnt too bad since the driveway is 15 months old. I pressured washed my driveway once and then i went over it again.

I hope so because the local pressure washing company said i have to accept the loss and have them do it next time because i have ruined the driveway.

That is called broomed finished concrete


I agree…^^^^ it’s supposed to look like that. There is no way you did that with a PW lol.


SPC has this right. And so does OP without knowing it “I immediately noticed long parallel broom lines in the concrete.”

This is how the concrete was finished. Google “broom finish” and you will see tons brand new concrete that looks exactly like yours.

Yep, broom finish. Pretty standard on a lot of drives. Probably a little more noticeable once you cleaned because even with broom finish you get a little creme that settles between the lines. But you’re fine. Local pw company idiots if they told you that.


OK so i just want to know that even if I would have pressed on the trigger from a larger distance, the broom finish would still be more apparent after cleaning? One thing I notice is that the broom finish is more apparent in some spots and its smoother in other spots.

It’s probably just how they finished it. They probably pressed down a Lil harder on the broom in some spots and not so hard in others. Or it’s probably just not as deep in some spots due to high traffic area. google broomed finished concrete like Max said ull see all the different pics of Broomed concrete.

I’m not sure I have to comment because most agree…you did not cause this. Poor finishing, nothing more

You did not ruin your driveway. That is a broom finish.

Another vote for “broom finish” to the concrete. I’ve seen plenty of pressure washer damage to concrete & that’s broom finished.

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