New Build

And the new build begins…

I feel like a kid on Christmas again. :smiley:

Last week I stopped by a Hotsy dealer in Portland, Or. Nice looking machines in there!

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Thats a nice machine, I used Hotsys for years.

You by Rich?

Is that the HCS Model with 3000psi @ 4.8 GPM?

Rich is the one putting it all together for me. :slight_smile:

Hotsy 1200 series with upgraded 24hp Honda and 8gpm pump.

I love Rich! One of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He set me up real nice in June. Good luck with the machine. Post up pictures when it’s done

That looks really nice.

My new build is complete :slight_smile:

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That looks great.

Nice looking rig. I like how it’s so compact. You fit a lot on that trailer.

Very nicely done… I like the Red Cox Reels. I have never seen those before.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Yeah I designed the layout to be as compact as possible. I went with the 5x8 and needed to utilize the space as best as I could.

Here is another front view. I have a Big Guy surface cleaner up front with still some nice room still to spare.

I also had a ladder rack fabricated on the right side of the trailer too for easy transport and access.

Im happy with the results.

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Looks great!! Have fun getting it dirty as your wallet gets fatter along the way;)

Do you have pics of the trailer with the ladder rack installed?


I know this is an old thread, but where did you get that super low profile rectangular tank? And is it mounted on a custom frame?

Looks like tanks they use for RVs

You know you probably won’t find a manway on a RV poly holding tank. I’m assuming that would be important tp you??? Hey on another subject you never got back to me about buying some metering valves off you using your deal. Let me know, thanks