New biz insurance quote

Got a quote in for insurance
1/2 million 2600 year
1 million 2800 year
thats for Louisiana and i based it on making 40k a year with the business part time.
Seen some say your paying 1200-1400 year.
Moving to the coast of North carolina soon so will see what the rates are there, hopefully a bit cheaper.

Whats the most you guys have paid?

It’s different in each state/province. $500,000 coverage is next to worthless and why did you base it on $40,000 per year if you’re gonna be part time and you aren’t in business yet? Also, why are you trying to start a business in that area if you’re moving?

Probably just testing the waters, getting an idea, I got a quote using pretty much the same data and I don’t plan on starting till spring.

Think mine was going to be 180ish a month, in central Kentucky.

Well I was originally going to be in biz here when I asked for the quote… as of a couple days ago my job is moving me
And I’m already doing a little bit of work in the area

Call insurance companies where you’re moving and see what the rates are. Tell them $20k instead of $40k and try for $2mil insurance.

Without insurance??

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Where are you moving in NC?

Joseph Walters is specialty insurance that Taylor’s to this line of work. Mine is 2 million and only $1700 a year, it includes coverage for the machine too. Regular insurance companies charge too much and have too many things they just won’t cover, while this one covers everything…

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Joseph Walters doesn’t insure in all states.

My bad wasn’t aware.

Is there other specialty insurance companies that do? When I reached out to farmers they told me 6 grand a year and wouldn’t cover half of what I was doing.

We have Liberty for our WC and PW coverage. Funny thing, you buy coverage through one company and almost immediately get passed to another.

@sgb new Bern

Nice, new bern is a great town. I lived in havelock for 4 years.

There is one bigger company down there called pinnacle pressure washing. He runs a couple of crews. One of my friends used to work for him for about a year or so.

I only live about 2 hours away and I have people from that area that still call me. Let me know when you get settled in.

Having said that. You definitely need insurance before you wash anymore houses. It’s just not a smart business move.

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Sounds good I’ll give you a holla

Yeah I see you didn’t end up answering that question @Southeast.Exterior. One mistake will end your business before it even gets off of the ground. Imagine hiring a company and finding out they aren’t even insured. How comfortable would you feel with that company doing any sort of work around your house?

If you’re looking in NC, I took IBS’s advice and got a quote from Erie. For $1100/year, I’m getting $2m GL and CCC (which they call voluntary property) at $100,000/250,000. That covers me for up to $100k per house in damage I may cause, and there’s no exception for roof work. Happy to send you a shot of the quote if it helps

Yeah I’d appreciate that.
Of course I need insurance but I wasn’t just gonna start dropping money on a biz I had not tested the market in, I live in town of 20,000 not a high average income. And knew a relocation was coming

Sometimes you gotta test the waters before you go for a swim, I understand the risk. That why I’ve been on here for a while reading and taking certain precautions.
I’ll get it when I get moved



Agreed,I’m in central Indiana and Erie was by far the most comprehensive policy for the money.I pay the same as Jake and agree,no exclusions for roofs and also some equipment coverage with their 5 star contractor policy.

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Hey Max! Who’s the facepalm for, is there something we can learn from here?

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