New 5x8 Trailer Build


I am. I bought my trailer with brakes.


Got it today. Thank you so much for this early Christmas gift!

It’s way bigger than the last one.


Here’s a photo of the large Y that @squidskc sent me after I put it on. Barb on one side will get 3/4" suction hose to the 3/4" Y strainer, then 3/4" suction hose to the pump inlet. The other part of the garden hose Y will get a short garden hose and a garden hose gun probably for general rinsing or bucket filling since I don’t have a tank yet, and I may use it this way for a little while with no tank.

Should be getting the supports welded for the hose reels soon. The angle iron and all the hardware I need for mounting is in the cardboard boxes. Just waiting on getting the pieces welded up. Hopefully this weekend still. Nothing has changed since the last photos really, but they were at night, so I thought I’d put up some with daylight.


Got my quote from United Hose today. Hopefully they can ship soon. Here it is for anyone else who might be interested. Seems like pricing is close to what others have paid, except shipping to California is a bit more.


did you order from their website?


No, I had to email Bob directly and then pay over the phone. I called their general number for several days with no answer before someone gave me direct contact info.


Ordered this skid from Water Cannon. It was around $65 with free shipping. The best other price I could find was $50 ish plus $40-50 shipping. It’s a PressurePro skid.

I like it a lot and my GX390 and Home Depot pump bolted right up really easily. I’ll get up daytime photos later, but wanted to go ahead and post this up for those of you like @tireshark who may have your engine bolted right to the trailer deck and maybe are looking for an affordable skid option. :slight_smile:


Ordered some QD fittings from PressureTek. The 2 brass ones are 1/2" MPT x 3/8" MPT. Those are for both the connection points on the Cox hose reel for the pressure hose I ordered from United Hose recently. I got 3/8" FPT QD fittings for the hose and whip line I ordered. Though just typing this, I realize I ordered only 4 female and 4 male, but I ordered pressure hose line and 2 whip lines like @Innocentbystander suggested, one for PW to hose reel, one for sacrificial at the end of my hose. :expressionless: So it looks like I won’t be using the sacrificial line right away lol.

I also ordered 1/4" fittings for a wand, but I took the wand out of my cart and forgot to take the 1/4" fittings out of my cart lol.

I picked all “quality imported stainless steel” instead of the hansen brand, but I read somewhere on the forum that these can be packed with anti-seize and they’ll last a lot longer, so I plan to do that as well.


Don’t forget to stock up on some o-rings. They are cheap and needed.

I have the red steal skid mount. Your’s is much better. Looks like you made the right choice.


Bingo on everything except don’t put antiseize or other gunk on or in the couplers


Looking good man! Great job


What do you use to lube your couplings?
(Sorry to take this off topic, but it’s an important question, I think)


No, great question. I want to know also!


I have never lubed them. Gun gets unplugged from hose on every job when we roll up. Other than the coupler the jrod plugs into there aren’t really any other couplers.


Even on the ds injector?


There are couplers on them but they get replaced once a month or so but the old couplers get recycled to the next injector. If you don’t have leaks they shouldn’t freeze up. Putting lube or anti sieze in them screws up the orings I think. Just never had a reason to lube a coupler.


yea when I cleaned pools, I was told vaseline actually dries up the o-rings, and this is what I was told to use, and continue to use. works fine, you just have to keep up on it


For those of you with skids that have rubber feet, do you bolt the skid down to your trailers, or do you just let them sit on the rubber feet?


Gotta bolt them to the trailer.


Thanks. I’m going to run a 4" carriage bolt from the top, through the rubber mount, and through the trailer decking. Does that sound right?