New 5x8 Trailer Build


I just wanted to show you why you made a good investment on the plate mount that you bought.

As you can see this thing is a lop of shit. I am going to have to use some huge carriage bolts that will most likely not be long enough or be a bit to long. You made a wise investment.


Sure. Large fender washers, old lawn mower beat flat with holes drilled or something substantial to hold on the bottom. Some folks use stainless and there isn’t anything wrong with that. I use cheap grade 5 bolts and cut them off when I need them gone. Faster than wrenches.


That’s a bunch of junk. If you are putting a fatboy or something on it might be ok but don’t mount a pressure washer to that.


It’s steel, but I will take your advice and sell it on ebay. Waste of money :frowning:


I bet you could step on those ears and bend them. No way to get your hand under there to tighten bolts on pump or engine once it is bolted to floor. Need to be about 4 times thicker and about 4 inches high.


My landa guy just had 6 Stainless steel skids made to celebrate his 20th year in business. $800 as compared to $400 for steel. I think he was showing off but he sold all six in a couple of weeks


Nice, I was wondering how I was going to drain oil. That seems like an ideal machine. I am probably going to use a local dealer instead of the internet for my pressure washers. They will custom make them and know how to repair them. I suggest @jzbreeland do the same. Unless he is even a tiny bit more mechanically inclined then me.


I am mechanically inclined. It always boils down to my willingness to do a task myself.


I am liking the build so far. I am really excited to see how far you go with your business. How long have you been in business?


Before you mount your PW remove the oil plug and put a nipple in there. Then attach a length of hose to it. After you mount the pw - cut the hose to length and put a nipple\ plug on it. Now it is easy to change your oil…



Yea like that:) You bought all 6 of those mounts…didn’t you?


Heck no. I’ve got more than six of the steel ones though :slight_smile: I have steel frame from Xterior from about 1999 that has been added to and cut down a lot over the years. Lot of machines and pumps have been bolted to it.


Probably gonna sound a little stupid here.

Is there some kind of PSI rating for the nipple? I am assuming it is just a rubber hose with a cap at the end.


I put some type of pool lube stuff like that on my orings when I first put them in. Does seem to help them last.

On my couplers, I’ll squirt a little WD40 on them occasionally or when one starts to stick a little. Other than that I leave them alone.


In case anyone is interested, I found the tube that you can drain the oil from a gx390 without spilling it all over everything.

Thanks again @Innocentbystander and @Greg755


Product link>%20Small%20Engine%20Accessories%20>%20Misc.%20Accessories&utm_campaign=Drainzit&utm_content=7011544&gclid=CjwKCAiAmvjRBRBlEiwAWFc1mJMzaPKNklMfM-9D7ngoIsY4xmvjwgKVRBzYwtgR0NVvzg0_I_RXlRoCFKwQAvD_BwE


While you’re at it, depending on layout, may want to get one for your pump too. Can probably find both in a kit from a distributor for cheaper than NT


This is a really good idea. I have a thing about getting oil on my equipment that bothers me. I like to keep everything as new looking as possible.


For what it’s worth, i change pump oil religiously every 2 or 3 years, if I think about it. suction pump works best for me.


My pump will probably break because of my own stupidity before I need to change the oil. I do however think it will be a decent investment and worth it once the time does come.