New 5x8 Trailer Build


I was looking for that video a few minutes ago and couldn’t find it. Yeah, it’s so cheap to make one, I’m not sure why someone would pay for an expensive one.

@Innocentbystander, can you link to where you go the solenoid valves?


I’m not falling for that. If I tell you where to get them you’ll say you’re not retarded and can find them on your own. :smile:


You caught me. I was waiting to do that actually.

I can probably get them from my plastics supplier. They carry all things plumbing and valve related. I’m speaking of course to the future when I would actually benefit from such a system. Which presently is not true.




that makes alot more sense. i know nothing.


Hahahahaha, epic.


I remember you chastising a guy for having a single axle trailer and how dangerous that is and now your standing up for a guy with that same type of trailer.

Like IBS said back then, I don’t care as long as you don’t live near me. Lol. Thanks to that post I finally upgraded to a dual axle with brakes :+1:t2:


Very true and I stand corrected.


Yes, my splitter came from Ace, has huge openings internally.


i’m sad …I don’t have a fancy splitter … Just a tee with a valve on it… I guess I need to get with the times for 2018… I always just put the splitter on the guys faucet before I attach the hose. @squidskc can you get on your note pad and do them fancy calculations to let me know if I am wasting more time to walk back to the faucet verse having the splitter in my trailer… Do you need to know the elevation of the ramp? if I go through the front door how many steps I have leading up? I’m going to have a melt down between this, the mixing valve and wizard… I’m still recuperating from the unloader line, trailer brakes and DS bypass. Hahhahaha. Ok disclaimer I’m kidding no one is an idiot. I don’t hate any one. I am not a smart ass… Ok that one may be true hahahhahahahaha


This has been a very informative thread. Very helpful since I’m about to start on my new dual axle trailer. Thanks for all the input


Found them. @jzbreeland I didn’t have time to get to the post office today so expect this from Amazon.


You’re very kind. Thank you.


Yep, that’s the one I have


watch the GD’s please


your right. wont happen again.


Got my pressure hose reel in today. $196 from Walmart online, free shipping too. Plus it shipped from somewhere in LA and I got 2 day delivery on it, no extra charge. Wahoo!

I also picked up two 2" x 2" x 6’ angle iron pieces, and three 2" x 2" x 1’ pieces. That’s how I’m going to make supports for the reels. It’s going to be a little different from how I’ve seen other people do it, but it’ll be solid and will give me flexibility for upgrading equipment and needing to move the support rail out of the way or something. Not sure how to explain it, but it’s super simple and I’ll post photos up when it’s done. Hopefully this weekend.

Also, I mentioned my first reel was missing a bolt and the locking pin had issues. It was also a discounted returned unit I bought. This one was brand new and wasn’t missing parts and the locking pin was lined up perfectly already. Still not Hannay quality, but maybe not as bad as I originally thought.


Purchased my new trailer today, so I will be following your build with great interest. Got a Holmes 5 X 10, 3.5K the Sure Trac was more than I needed, the angle should be sufficient as I dont need a square tube top rail, …yet.


any of you guys running brakes on your trailers? if so anyone got a good brake kit they can recommend? i did some real light research and it seems like a 5-600$ thing. any info would be welcome.


Depends on what you have
They will need to install a brake controller in your truck
A 7 round wire in your truck
A 7 round wire on your trailer
Fuse on your truck battery
Fuse on battery in your trailer.
The safety break away on the trailer
And finally the break pads and cylinders on you trailer wheels…
So depending what you have or don’t have any where from 350 to 700 dollars.
Most if the time its around 450 to 550… At least in my experience