New 5x8 Trailer Build


Why would you want to put a 125 dollar unloader on a 150 dollar pump? ( thats what the pump it self costs) by the way Sharp did answer your question, you did ask how to plumb in an unloader.,
Ok grasshopper, when your unloader pops off where does the water go now?


It was kind of him to reply, but he didn’t answer my question. I didn’t ask how to plumb an unloader. It’s not a big deal though. I’m fine without it.


Pretty easy. Just use cam lock fitting on everything and add a 2nd inlet to your supply side with a ball valve.


Is that a direct drive unit?


Yes it is.


Have you tried to draw water from tank with it yet?


No, but @Steve does it and it works. He has a video somewhere of it.


Ok cool… just noticed and figured would ask.

That control panel is impressive dude… i cudnt operate it, let alone do anything other than assemble the box (maybe)


You could operate it. It just does a lot of the same thing for a bunch of different tanks like pump controls, process timing, and temp control. The other one controls a walking beam parts washer. Nothing to complicated lol.


AMEN too all of that sir lol.

Am i onto something with DIY CONTROL BOXES or what?!? lol Its a great idea and you seem to be just the guy for that. welcome to sir $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I believe that with that pump you cannot. The built in unloader recirculates the water in the pump internally and there is a temp relief valve to discharge water when it gets too hot to prevent overheating the pump. I might be wrong but based on the photos and a little research that’s what it looks like to me.


There are youtube videos of other guys making them already, so I’m not sure it’d be anything special. Do people even really use those, or is it just a fancy foo-foo type thing anyway?


i mean i ithink its something you add when you have everything else and your just trying to flex on all the other locals lol. its like 20inch spinner for power washers. lol


Thanks. I understood what is there. I just wasn’t sure if it could be changed, or if that particular pump is basically stuck with that unloader permanently unloading back into the pump forever. That’s what I was getting at lol. Thanks!


Yep it is.


nah but i think it could come in handy if your doing a commercial job and maybe on a lift or just far away from your machine in general. Gives you the ability to turn on and off the pump .


Oh, I thought people used them to turn soap / SH on and off. So is it for softwashing? Why would you need to turn off your pump? Couldn’t you just close the trigger and the pump stop pumping because it’s demand only?


You usually use a “wizard” to turn solenoid valves on off. But some people use it or regular RC fobs to turn 12 volt pumps on or off.


It looks like it’s super cheap and simple to build one at home. Not sure why anyone would pay for someone else to make it.

This dude did it for like $160 with solenoid valves.

Southside sells them for not too much money either.


I’m around $30 but I don’t have the fancy lights