New 5x8 Trailer Build


thats very interesting and slick way of doing it. I am also in the process of building my trailer so maybe when you do that you could post some pics of it so i can get a better idea of how it all will look. I am sure the rest of the guys here would wanna see as well lol. especially @jzbreeland (i think he might be slow… lmao totally joking) lol


so your gonna make us a cheaper control wizard next lol? come on man what are u waiting for…


These are the two most recent control panels I designed and programmed at work actually. Several more on the way.


yeah thats just to simple for what we need here… dont think thats gonna work lol

god damn tho. impressive. I’m in the IT field myself. work full time for the local government up here in NY. Was gonna go more your route right out of college but PC hardware and Networking won out lol. But hey were both here trying to supplement our incomes right lol


Actually I just hate working for someone else, and I get tired of sitting at a desk all day, and being in fluorescent office lighting all day is depressing. I enjoy controls engineering, but I’m sick of everything that comes with it. Pressure washing lets me be my own boss, work when I want, and be outside (and its always beautiful outside here, unless of course there is a fire burning down your entire community). So that’s why I’m trying to build up a solid trailer. So that I can use my spare time to get more business and look more professional and be more efficient.

My college studies focused on optics and lasers. I wanted to design detection systems for vehicles. But then I took a controls engineering job and forgot everything I ever learned about imaging and sensing from school lol.

**Also, I still have a lot of student loans, so if I can make extra money by pressure washing, or selling better metering systems, or maybe control boxes (??? lol), that lets me pay for pressure washing equipment and still try to pay down my student loans (mine and my wife’s actually). So I guess supplemental income is a part of it lol.


May I recommend renting a truck for the days you are working. From home depot or u haul.


You certainly may lol. But I’m hopefully buying one this week. My wife is looking at getting a full time job and sharing a single car will no longer be viable. Yay for me! lol.


I am in a new trailer build myself, so this is an interesting thread, and PICs are great! I am starting with a Sure Trac 5X10, 3500 single axle. Good luck on your build and thanks for sharing your experiences and progress.


This is what it’s all about. :slight_smile:


Just before anyone makes a comment, I’m not asking about the quality of my dewalt pressure washer. I know the GX390 is fine, but the pump, I know it’s not fine.

So please refrain from any insulting comments about that part lol. I don’t think I’ve personally offended anyone by what I have, so here it goes.

I’m building the trailer set up and plan on getting a buffer tank in the near future, and I’ve been looking at unloaders to bypass water back to my buffer tank. But I’ve been looking at my pump, and I’m not sure I can put an unload/bypass on it. It looks like that pressure knob twisty thing is built into this low end pump (really not sure what it does, because I keep seeing that you aren’t supposed to adjust it at all, which makes me really wonder why it’s got a giant adjustable handle on it).

Does anyone have experience with this or know if I just have to wait until I can upgrade to a gear driven pump like @tireshark did?


Maybe you want to look at the users manual to see what a “pressure knob twisty thing” actually is. Knowing the correct name of a part would at least help get a better answer. And when you start a conversation and the first 2 paragraphs ask. Not to be insulted or offending anyone, well that just makes people want to respond in a way you don’t want them too.
Also,a picture of the machine you are talking about may help. Is it the unloaded you are talking about, or because you say it is set by the factory and can’t be adjusted you are talking about a pressure relief valve?


Just forgot to attached them. Here they are.

They black knob that looks like it’d adjust pressure, but I have read the user manual, that’s how I know not to touch it. I just can’t remember what they called it.


That is the unloader built into the pump. It does not adjust pressure. It adjusts when the unloaded opens, it is adjustable so you can have the unloader opens at a few hundred pounds below max operating pressure. If your pump wears a little or you have slightly different hose or nozzles you can adjust it to make up for slight variations. It is not to regulate the pressure. The little gold “thingy” on the other side is an emergency relief. If for some reason the unloaded fails then this will pop off before the pump reaches maximum pressure and nuts the plungers or crack the casing. This IS ADJUSTED at the factory and should not be tampered with.


So an unloader with bypass that I could plumb back to a buffer tank can’t be added to this pump? That’s what I’m trying to understand.


You already have one if it is working


But I can’t bypass it to a buffer tank.



That’s still not what I was trying to ask. Thanks though.


Then I’m confused on what your asking


If you look at the pictures I posted of my actual pump, it looks to me like it is physically impossible to install an unloader/bypass on it because it’s a low end pump I guess. But I’m not certain. So I was hoping that someone could look at it and confirm whether or not I can install one on my specific pump. So that I can bypass water back to a buffer tank.