New 5x8 Trailer Build


Yes, 2" wye with 1 1/2" inch for the 8gpm and 1" for the 5 gpm.


Yeah thats is my plan as well.


For size comparison…


Pictures didn’t upload in order, but here they are.

@tireshark, I know you put the mounts on under your pump. Russ told me though that those mounts are only for when the pump is used as a belt drive. It’s actually fine to mount the pump right to the GX390 with no supports.

The new pump mounts a little outside, and there is a raised rim around the shaft, so i had to put some washers in to fit everything correctly. Also, I had to trim down the washer for the bottom two bolts. They hit the rim on a corner, so there’s a photo of that too.

Also, just comparison photos of the AAA pump and the new 5.5 pump from GP.

I got this from Russ at Southside Equipment. He was very kind and helpful to me, the shipping was quick. And he had the best prices I could find. I think it came to $805 is


Looks like your ready to add water! :slight_smile:


Just need a few more fitttings. I need a female quick connect on the pump, and a few more PVC parts so that I can get another 80 mesh y-stranger in line from that buffer tank to the pump. So I’ll have 2 strainers, one from the supply hose reel to the float valve in the buffer tank, then one out of the buffer tank to the pump. I also still need a couple pieces to get my bypass line fitted to my buffer tank. Those parts should be here early next week.

I’m going to hard pipe from the chemical tank out to the side of the trailer for filling 5 gallon buckets for mixing house wash downstream mixes. I’ll do that tomorrow or early next week.

I’ll be sure to get more photos up once it’s actually all fully done. I’d forgotten how miserable that Tennessee weather can be. It’s frustrating for it to be sunny and 65 one day, then freezing rain the next day, then cloudy and 45, then snowing and 20, all back to back. Makes it hard to plan things and I’m not sure when I’ll actually get to run my setup. Soon I hope.


Would you be able to post some pics of your plumbing set up once you complete it?


I’ll post more pictures than you want to really see lol. I’m a hands on visual learner. So I want to provide that to the next guy who wants to do what I’m doing. I wished there were build process photos for me to look at. Helps me understand what’s needed. What’s extra. What’s optional. Whats efficient. Etc.


keep the pics coming, I’ll start my own pics in my other thread once I get back to work on it. Weather makes it hard to get to. What size barb is that off your buffer tank? It’s looks smallish. Where is that suction hose going to?


That part isn’t finished yet.


I might have missed something since I was gone a while but am I seeing you upgraded your pump? I’m asking because I thought this was a new venture for you and you hadn’t even used the previous pump yet. I might just be confusing you with someone else.


I have used the previous pump, but it also started giving me issues.


What happened? Where is that water coming from?


The built in DS injector. I took it apart and cleaned everything but it kept doing that, and it was getting worse.


So the old pump had an integral DSI?
How’s the new pump doing? Better?
Do you notice an improvement now that it is no longer direct drive?


hey check your PM.


Finally finished everything.


The smaller tank is for mix or straight bleach?
Looks like you are just filling buckets?


Thank you for those pics! Looks great man!


I believe the term is full port, basically the hole in the ball valve is the same diameter as the hose id.