New 5x8 Trailer Build


Is that 35 gallon for mix/SH tank?

If it is the bulkhead will eventually leak from the SH, its better to use PCO tanks and just draw from the top.


I agree with @Donte55 but those tanks should be fine. I’ve got the same tank, which I’ve been using for 3 yrs now and haven’t had any trouble with leaks. I think you can get Viton gaskets for those bulkheads on Amazon, but I’m not 100% sure about that. If you can, it would be a good idea. If not, putting new gaskets in every couple of years should be on your routine maintenance schedule, in my opinion.


Yes. I’m not worried about it right now. It can always be sealed later. I think it’s perfect for what I need.


Look in good. Hauling all that weight might be a little hard on the prius though.


My wife took the Prius. I don’t have that anymore.


One of the few good things about this whole situation, lol.


The picture didn’t upload in order. But I mentioned that I had a DS injector issue. @Racer this is what developed. I couldn’t help but laugh about it lol. It was like a small geyser lol. New pump from Russ should be here Monday or Tuesday anyway.

Also, this is how I mounted my two tanks. The are not plumbed yet. The description on their product page said 1” bulk head. But they both have 3/4” FPT holes. Figures. So I need to get bigger bulkhead fir the bigger tank and a smaller plug fir the chemical tank.


Similar issue, had to replace a steel ball, spring, and o ring in my injector. The parts were sent for free to me.


Same thing happened to me, I bought a 125 gallon tank and it said 2” bulkhead, but it came with 3/4” bulkhead drain. Anyone know a fail safe way to enlarge a 3/4” bulkhead hole to 3”inch holesaw for my 2” bulkhead?


What size and what do you plan to do with those two tanks?


Why do you have the fender washers on top?


Because I tightened from the bottom with an air ratchet. There are fender washers on the bottom too. I didn’t want to damage anything top or bottom side. I didn’t want the top not pulling into the wood as I tightened it up underneath. Make sense?

35 and 65 gallons. Chemical tank and buffer tank.


I’m on my 2nd year and last week a sold my enclosed 6x10 trailer and bought an open 5x10, I love it so far! I did not have a ladder rack on the enclosed trailer so I had to carry them on the roof of my Expedition,
Loading and unloading the ladders everyday was a pain.


I have to say, this thing is massive. I had no clue how much larger this would be compared the the 4GPM AAA pump.


So are you going to unload into your buffer tank? Will this pump gravity feed?


Yes to both. I should get pictures tomorrow.


Yeah, i was surprised as well. It’s like twice the size, or more.

Just to be technical, most (all?) pumps will gravity feed. The important question is if it will easily pull from a buffer tank, and this pump will, as it is gear driven.

Bypassing to a buffer tank is a big upgrade also… eliminates the hassle/worry of having to pull the trigger every minute or so.


Interested in your progress, as I as well am plumbing and loading my trailer. I am currently plumbing my buffer tank, after a 2" bulkhead install. Slow going as parts are hard to come by, in PVC for what I want to do. I am plumbing my tank for two washers, one 8gpm and one 2.5gpm, since I have the little guy, sometime to be replaced by an 5gpm. Need backup.


2” becuase of two machines?


Mine is 1” out of the tank, 3/4” into the pump.