New 5x8 Trailer Build


How big are those 2?What’s the smaller one for?


I don’t want to interrupt this man’s thread, but thought I would give some perspective for his trailer build.
It’s 125 and 35. Buffer & chemical.


How’s the build going?


I see you have the liberty hose reel. Is it new? I got one last year and seemed to do the job. Pretty bad quality and getting the hose to reel was a pain.

Great for the price once you get it set up though.


I am just using it to reel hose. I have decided not to use the swivel and just connect it up direct to my supply hose. I may replace with goodyear real rubber hose. I got 200 feet of the flexilla dirt cheap. This is J’s thread, so I will stop now.


It will hold 200ft of hose. Are you going to roll out all the hose and then use a quick connect to attach it to the pump? Seems like a good idea as there is less to break.


essentially, yes. I am not investing in supply, just the pressure side. But I would like to see how J is doing on his build…


Back at it.


Good to see ya making progress…

Did the heater actually heat hose up enough?


Yes. Took a while. But it worked. Also sprayed WD40 on the barbs to help. Worked great.



Your Grandfathers deck should be one of your first wood projects. Would be great practice and I’m sure he’d appreciate. There’s a lot of wood decks up in that area. Could probably make a living just specializing in those.


Great idea! Once I get the pump figured out, I’ll do that! Thanks!


Whats wrong with pump?


Let us know if you get a new Facebook or website. I’d like to and I’m sure other guys here would like to give you some likes and website visits to get you a boost in your new market.


Will do. Thank you.

And the pump, I don’t know. I was using it to pressure test all the fittings and it was working fine, then the volume and pressure just completely dropped. I don’t know what’s going on with it. I talked to @Racer. I’m going to go to Northern Tool here tomorrow and get a pressure gauge with the quick connects on it and see what the readings are, and also do a bucket test to verify it’s not doing 4GPM any longer.


Dang, 10-4… hopefully get it straight dude.


Glad this thread is revived! Love the PICs.
I am doing a new build myself.
How is the angle you used to support the reels working out? Is it rigid enough?
Where did you get the suction hose? Local or online?
I need to use 1 1/2" suction hose and it is harder to find locally.
Maybe bolt down some milk crates on across the tail end, or fashion a rear rail to hold stuff on the trailer. May make it better for more storage. They fill up fast!
You might want to put a box on that tongue for loose items storage. I used a DeeZee, you can search my thread…


Tractor supply had 1 65 gallon and 1 35 gallon. Perfect. And they gave me 10% off bc I hassled them a bit. Both together came to $316 after taxes.

I have some more plumbing to do now. But the trailer will fill up a bit!


Nice… they are nice tanks, i looked at them also.

Starting to come together.