New 5x8 Trailer Build



Before you paint it take it somewhere and have it welded.


dont forget to get some pieces so you can weld it top the side rails also. If not it’s going to be wobbly


I’m pretty sure it’s welded.


Technically, he brazed it but it should be sufficient for what you are doing. Welding is a different process but people argue about the relative strength of each joint. I learned to braze long before learning to weld and I never had a joint failure. Brazing is most commonly used for joining dissimilar metals.


Ok. I saw pics you posted of someone brazing. Make sure you grind that down good before you get it welded.


So this is not welded then? Well either way, he did it for free. I called some local weld shops and mobile welders and I got quotes from $70 up to $250, so I can’t complain. Also, I feel pretty confident it’s strong enough to support the hose reels. I painted it quick and then bolted it up.


I see that big hose and it makes me jealous. I can’t count how many times I have had to unhook my tiny trailer and pull it up to a house manually because I can’t back it up.

Talk about embarrassing.


Look up welding and brazing. There is a difference, but how big of a difference is debatable.

Great deal if you got it done for free. Roll with it for a while and see how it holds up… just dont do any Dukes of Hazard jumps over any railroad tracks. :grin:


If you do, pause for a commercial break half way thru the jump


I see progress is coming along. I see you curb-side mounted your reels. It looks like you may need more supply hose, or is that a 24" reel?


You’re right. It’s an 18" reel with 75’ on it. I will need to put more on. I’d like to add a 100’ flexzilla.


I think they have pills for that.

Wait… I may have missed a word…


Now thats funny


That looks like some non-marking pressure hose. Do you like it? Does it fight you? Do you like it? How many feet? 200? Would you buy again?


Your really interested in that mans hose aren’t you?

I believe this is where he got it from.

It’s my understanding that they have some of the best prices around.


Looking good. Hows truck do with trailer?


WTF? You really went there?


I really like his choice in hose. As soon as I am able to, I will be making a purchase. From my understanding they have some of the best prices around.


Save room for tanks. I set my two new tanks on my 10 foot trailer and half the trailer is gone!!