New 5x8 Trailer Build


Feel free to share any art involved in easily getting this out of a roll and onto the reel.


Clip the straps. Have the end with swivel on the top. Hold the swivel and walk backwards letting itv twist in your hand. Any other way and you have a lot of hose in a big mess


Looking good and thanks for the technically declined version!


Here is a tip on washers for wood.
Use a smaller diameter washer on the wood side then a bigger one, double the bigger ino and then fasten with a nylon nut.
Or like @Innocentbystander says blades, if you have them hanging around.


I’ve been mounting to 2-by pressure treated for forty years and never had a standard size washer pull through a 2-by. Just don’t oversize your hole. You’re fine.


Do what works for you. What type of vibrating equipment have you been mounting to wood for the past 40 years?


vibrating equipment. Gravity doing the work here. He is pulling through a rubber donut. The tension goes into the rubber, not so much the wood. It may loosen over time, but it’s not gonna pull through and fall off the truck.


Do what works for you.


On most of my stuff I use a 5/16" bolt with at least a 2" fender washer, then regular washer if I have the space, and then a nylock nut or lock washer.


Thanks! That’s really helpful. Also, Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas all. When I got that hose my dad held one end and I unrolled it across the yard with a breaker bar through it. Kinda like a tire would roll down hill.

Also, I used bar stock with holes drilled in it to span the boards underneath in place of washers because I started out with washers too small and they basically collapse in between the boards by tightening them down and as they corroded.

I’m on the way to Wisconsin at the moment or I’d send pics, but I’m sure you can figure it out. 8-10” piece of bar stock. One 3/8” hole in one side and one elongated hole in the other side. Drilled two holes about 1/4” apart and connected them with jigsaw with a metal cutting blade.


Look at the 2:00 minute mark of this video! Clever idea!


That works great at the shop. I use a swivel chair. All mine seem blow 250 miles from the shop lol


I wish I had a job just building out trailers and trucks all day. It is probably my favorite part of the job. I think I just like opening all the new boxes.


@Innocentbystander, I got some 2" fender washers. Any larger diameter and the thickness started getting pretty thin, so I figured this would be good. Fender washer and then regular washer then the nylock lock nut.


That won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


I like your trailer build, especially the pics, makes for good reading. I have a similar build going on, so I am interested. How do you like the United Hose you purchased? Does it fight you or is it tame?


My landlord welded my hose reel support today. It was about $25 is angle iron, all precut lengths, and I think it’ll work great. I’ll paint it black soon. But here are photos of him welding it up.


He is brazing it together ?


Idk. He works for the gas company and welds on live gas lines and that’s how he does it.