New 5x8 Trailer Build


That’s because you run them there high dollar pumps, lol. For us poor GP pump guys I change mine usually when I change engine oil or at least every other time.

You using something like a Liquivac? My local dealer has one of those and he lets me use it if I buy my oil from him.


I built these, 3 ft long each.
The nut on the pump is different size than the one from the engine.


I wonder how much oil sits in those hoses, is that something you could put a ball valve on?


Dont know.
Thats negible.
Its done for convinience, saves you time lots of it.


3/8x16 4" carriage bolts for bolting the skids and mounts to the decking. For anyone wondering, I tried a 3" bolt it or only stick out of the bottom of the decking by 1/4", so 4" should work fine.


Use grade 8…
Dont forget to use big washers double them, remmember its wood.
Better safe than sorry.
Thats what i use …try Fastenal


Carriage bolts won’t fit flush. Ikil i thought the bottom of your trailer was orange. You also have digferent machines from last time.


For once you might be wrong. The skid has 3/8" square holes actually. It’s why I got carriage bolts.


Lol. I’m wrong a lot. Ask my wife.


For those of you like @awesomewash2 who might be mechanically declined, here are detailed photos lol. The skid came with rubber mounts bolted to it already, with washers and nylock lock nuts. They are 3/8-16 thread, so I got 3/8-16 x 4" carriage bolts. Carriage bolts because the holes in the skid are square (surprised me when I unbolted it and found out, but it’s quite convenient actually). I drilled a 3/8" hole through the skid holes where I wanted the machine. The bolted it together. The nuts are 9/16", and you need a long socket or wrench. A short socket won’t work if you’re using a ratchet. Also, get a Milwaukee impact tool. :slight_smile:

I would have mounted the skid over closer to the rail, but I couldn’t do that because of the tongue A frame underneath, as seen in the underside photos. I tried to get it as close as possible though. I think it looks nice. Still waiting for someone to help me weld the angle iron to build the support for the back of the hose reels. Hopefully soon though. United Hoses pressure hoses should arrive today, but I’ll be out of town for a family Christmas thing. I’ll get photos up Monday probably when I get to work on it a bit more.


You will be happier later if use put some big washers under there.


Washer under where? Are those not big enough?


Use bigger washers and double them up…its wood


On wood i try top catch at least two boards. Use 4 inch fender washers or if you have any scrap flat steel use that. l


Same machines different angles for the pictures.
Havent finished building the other trailer yet (orange)
Winter is not here yet, still working.


I ordered some 2" fender washers. I didn’t see 4".


man where are you, the middle of nowhere lol. No home depots or anything around? Anything metal and flat can be washer. Lawnmower blades are my favorite. I got a bucket of old ones from a mower repair place


By ordered, I mean that I placed an order with McMaster online and it’s ready for pickup in an hour just 5 miles from my house.


Also, this got delivered early. I seriously can’t believe how much nicer and flexible this is than my 50’ hose that came with my home depot pressure washer. Wow. This stuff feels incredible. I don’t think I’ll ever want to use that black rubber rigid hose again.


there is an art to unrolling that hose