Netflix programming

Anyone completely stoked about Impractical Jokers on Netflix? Or am i just a nerd…


Didnt know that… ill watch the show if i see it on and cant find anything else.

I think Some of the stuff is tolerable, some of the stuff will leave you grasping for air from laughing


Get it while you can cause soon sir, youll only be getting Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bubble Guppies or Jake and the Neverland Pirates…

Lol, Negative Ghost Rider… she will be watching American Pickers and The Office.

Sounds as if you have the kids show line up down though.

Super why and nature cat. Lol we still sneak out to have our together time

I can watch about 10 minutes of it, then I ether cant handle the cringe or i’m disappointed in the lack of cringe.

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Impractical jokers feels so fake to me. Still funny. We like American horror stories and the office. Watched the office more than once lol

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Lol, you have no idea… kids are adorable little wrenches that get tossed in the television programming wheel.

I didn’t know that. I grew up in NY and know a bunch of guys that resemble them. Sometimes they can be really funny and sometimes not at all.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha oh man… this guy…


Beets, bears, battle star galactica

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Oh and they added another season of Meat Eater! My fave


Love it. Steve Rinella’s podcast is pretty interesting too. He’s got a book titled American Buffalo that’s one of my top 10 favorite books.

But I also loved Coyote America and H is for Hawk. If you’re not into nature books probably not a good recommendation. Lol

Just ordered american buffalo. Cant wait. Hes great.

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I was getting into backpack hunting when i left coastal oregon and had to (temporarily i hope) relocate. Its hard in th PNW but beautiful. Ever get into gritty bowmen podcast?


Checked out Meat Eaters… i like it

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Im all about back pack hunting. Its one of my obsessions. Its what got me into longbow hunting.

Where do you pack hunt?

Dude just ate a monkey!?!??

And joe rogan was on a episode… i like him

He ate a coyote too🤢 Rogan has been in a few episodes. Hes really gotten into hunting. Cool to see.