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Usaully along enoree river there is miles and miles of logging land. Before we had kids me and the wife would pack what we could in back packs and flaot down the river on inner tubes. From where we put in at till the next bridge where we call for pick up at its about a 12 hour float. We would float about 3 1/2 hours down to our camping spot and stay 2 days. Shoot squirrels and catch fish to eat. On the day we would leave we would get up early and flaot on down for about 8 or 9 more hours till we hit the bridge. Fun times. So peaceful floating down quietly and seeing deer bobcats turtles and foxs.


If i would go do that now id definitely be on a kayak. When you hit still water paddling on a inner tube takes for ever lol.


I hate that we moved away from that river. We both loved it a spent almost every day in the woods.