Neon or bright colored pressure washing hose


Thanks, I always though there had to be a good use for them. I rarely do driveways, but they would help tons. I have just been cutting the edges with my m5-xjet and then running the surface cleaner. No pre or post treating.

Those additional lances should really help me reach higher. It seems like my machine hits about 25 feet. I need something that shoots like 35.




Here you go. This should go well with your pink shirt and bell bottom uniform.




I am by no way an expert on driveways. I might not even do them this year unless I have to.


They’re simple, and a foundation to this industry. Just pre treat, and if you prefer, also post treat.

This one in particular required multiple 50-50 post treatments


It looks great, I think my area may be a bit different though. What you showed me would look the same as your post and after treatment with just the surface cleaner.

I will do some research on pre and post treatment and when I do my next driveway give it a try. If it is an industry standard, I should be doing it.



I can honestly say that post treating is a way to go. I just did a driveway, Monday, that had a bunch of stains from the oak tree next to it. I cleaned it, but post treated after. After I collected from the customer and went to leave, the stains were gone.


This is crazy to me, I have never had an issue with lines, or anything else like what you are describing. Everything seems to comeup easily. With the exception of lichen. I have had an issue with that and just over looked it on a walkway. I will read the post, I am assuming it is just SH and maybe a foamer. My next driveway will get a pretreat, I will soap the house, cut the edges on the driveway, rinse the house, wash the driveway. Should make things go at a decent speed.


No foamer. I literally make a 4% mixture, with surfactant, in a 2 gal pump-up sprayer and spray it onto the driveway once the driveway has had a little bit of time to dry. I swear by it that it helps it look brighter/cleaner.


I don’t have time for a pump up sprayer! I’ll m5-xjet that and rinse the grass. Driveways a huge time sucks / low paying for me. I am hoping to avoid them in the future, or find the higher paying clients.


I understand that…I’m just simply using my current situation as an example. I am doing anything and everything that comes my way to be able to: A) gain experience and B) save as much money as possible to purchase better and more efficient equipment.


I am pretty much in the same boat, but I don’t advertise it. I want to know how to do everything, but only do specific things for the most part. To this date I have noticed a huge increase in time spent on jobs when I do driveways. I also can’t charge enough / don’t have high enough gpm to do them quick enough. Once I get there though, I will work hard to add them on. For right now though they are only increasing my sales like $50-100 dollars and end up taking over an hour, sometimes up to two hours for the larger ones. Completely not worth it. I would rather knock door to door for the neighbors and sell a vinyl siding house wash if possible.


Don’t advertise what, exactly?


I don’t advertise all of the services that I would offer to my clients. I only advertise the ones that I want to do. I pretty much only advertise vinyl siding cleaning. Anything that looks oxidized, gutters, etc are not part of my standard jobs.

I am hiring help in the winter and hoping to sell a huge number of small home gutters and make a good profit.


No one knows I do gutters, because I won’t be doing them until the fall. I also refuse to do them myself. So I don’t want an on the spot clean them now kind of thing and having to talk my way out of it.


Gotcha…No, I completely understand advertising only what you want to do. I pretty much do the same thing, which includes driveways. I’ve had home owners ask if I could wash their roof (despite the fact that I do not advertise this). I simply tell them that I do not currently offer that service at this time.


Can I get some clarity on post treatments. I do them when needed but rinse it away after 20 minutes. I read somewhere, maybe here, that it changes to alkaline content of the concrete which weakens it. I know concrete is strong but chemistry is chemistry. Anyone else here familiar with this. Is it fact or fiction.


I want to do roofs, but I don’t want to be the person doing them. I got a way to go with that one, but I know for a fact the profits are there.