Neon or bright colored pressure washing hose


Also they have this neon yellow hose, but its only rated for 3k psi


That’s crazy that some of your jobs only use 100ft. Most of my jobs require 150 foot, and there have been quite a few times that I needed an extra 150 ft of house.

I have since stopped plumbing my pressure hose. The swivel has blown twice now. It’s a waste of money anymore. It does not even save much time anyways. I need like 300ft to feel secure.


Liking the neon yellow. The 3k psi is a bit low though. A little bit sad about that one. However I plan on only running 5.5@2500 or 8@3000 anyways. Would love to have 8@3500. sometime in the future possibly :slight_smile:

The bright colored hoses are awesome. Super colorful, fun, and maybe a bit more professional looking?


Most houses i wash need about 200 feet, but for a driveway, or even the front and two sides i can sometimes get away with just a hundred, than hook up another hundred to reach the back. What really sucks is when im at 200 feet and just need 10 more feet, but have to go pull another 50.

Although not specified on that one, most hose’s have a 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 breaking point. Means they are tested and will run up to 3-4 times over the operating pressure. I dont recommend it though


Quit buying cheap swivels. Get a stainless super swivel.


I am a bit concerned with safety because I am semi accident prone.

200 is kind of where I need to be most of the time. I never back up into a driveway because of my inability to back up my tiny trailer. I am getting a bigger trailer this year and it should be easier.

I will end up getting the gun setup most people have here with the ball valve, swivel etc. Thinking about this gun, not sure why it is $110 though. Anyways the $200 off $500 I have pretty much makes it free.
I am assuming the swivel will resolve almost 100% of the hose being dumb and knotting itself up.


Also moving from xjetting to downstreaming. The x-jet has been great, but getting sick of the jug/hose issues. I would rather soap and change tips. I might save 3-5 minutes per job. Not to mention time spent making mix at home or on the road.


You could buy 2 or 3 good guns for that price. Get this one and a couple of cheaper backups.


Good stuff. That brings my amount down a ton. I am going to get it and use my current gun for a backup.

so far:
200ft blue hose
12inch lance

Need to spend $70ish more to get my $200 off. Probaly gonna get some quick connects, o rings, ball valve.

Not bad for $300 :slight_smile: that powerwash 101 course is paying for itself.

Not sure why seems a bit over priced though.


Forget the jrod, get a m5ds nozzle and buy a spare injector(only, don’t need whole setup for injector once you have one) Get a few spare lances, maybe a 36, 48 and 60. Get a good dual lance wand. Best one I’ve got came from NT.


So get the m5 nozzel and a standard downstream injector?

What’s the duel lance wand for?


My hoses are 6000psi if not mistaken


Washing and rinsing. Can pul soap. Pretty much only wand I ever use.


A bit curious, do you have a picture.

How do you turn off your chemical? Downstream bypass after the pump?


Google is your friend



That’s double wire R2 so I have to ask what on earth on you doing where you need a hose that heavy and tough? Only two companies I know using R2 is Fleet Wash and a guy that cleans Railroad cars/equipment. An ex employee of Fleet Wash told me he used to pay a guy to drag his hose for him lol

I run 100’ of 250 degree 1/4" 3k lasts me 2-3 months of heavy use. They get one field repair and then the second time I retire the hose it goes in the trash. That’s all the life I want out of a hose if it means I get to feel like it’s not even there. It weighs 11lbs per 100’


Is the dual lance heavier than the typical jrod setup?


I get that you can adjust the pressure to draw or suck chemical. I guess what I am saying though isent the tip on the m5 big enough to draw chemical even at max pressure.


I don’t necessarily use it for soaping, though sometimes. It’s just a good utility wand to have. Say for cutting in on concrete, steps, etc where you don’t really need 3000psi maybe. Small fences or decks, rinsing, etc. Basically a more directed and less messy ball valve. I have a soap tip on one side and a 40 deg on the other. Both probably only shoot 5-10 feet. I wouldn’t use it for soaping a house.

But say on a drive or a commercial job, can lay down coat of soap and while it’s dwelling can do your cut ins where surface cleaner can’t get get. Or maybe you got a fairly high brick wall or foundation and need more pressure than you can get with your DS nozzle can use just however much pressure you need.

Kind of like using a short range m5ds nozzle on a wand Except you have high pressure capability also. It’s just infinitely adjustable from 50psi to 3500 psi.

I’ve had several, including some high dollar Sutners but the one I got from NT have had over a year and works great. In fact, after I got it, worked so much better than the Sutner I had I bent the sutner one in half and threw it in the trash can.