Neon or bright colored pressure washing hose

This may be a shot in the dark, but I am wondering if there are any makers of neon or bright colored pressure washing hose. I see blue colored pressure washing hoses, but no other bright colors.

Max psi is 100

But you mean something like this?

Yes something like that, but 3/8 and ideally the standard 4000psi non marking.

Are the blue pressure washing hoes the most colorful of them?

If you’re planning to do much concrete work you want grey non-marking hose. Most the rest will leave marks.


Minimal concrete, I usually throw it in just to get the sale. Stupid move 99% of the time and get mad every time I do it.

How does the blue hose hold up? Does that mark up concrete?

I’ve heard yes, but never tried it personally. Make a fashion statement with your water hose, not your pressure hose.


I just want to be as flamboyant as possible! When my customers see me roll out those crazy colored hoses, I want them to think. This is the real deal! Every detail counts.

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Probably 90% of your customers will never even see your hoses

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True, but think about the ones that do. I’ll really look like I know what I’m doing!

you must have some really discerning customers. I never put into my business model my hose color choice. I am all about non-marking, but neon? What business advantage does that satisfy? Just curious?

It’s just to draw attention. Like painting your reels hot pink or something.

Yes the blue hoses leave marks. The black ones too. Maybe new and never been in the sun would be ok. My blue hose left marks on my bed liner. I’d advise against it

I wanted Blue hose due to my business name. Thought it would be neat. It took just a few jobs to realize grey is the way to go. I left blue marks on a few driveways while just washing the houses. My 2 cents


It’s just another little thing to add to the business where people will notice when I am driving etc. I also feel that when most customers see this they will think they are expensive, and expensive equipment usually means more successful, high quality business.


Ok not getting them.

I have grey and they done me well. Looks like it’s just stylin and profilin with my supply hose.

The main two hose i use are blue non marking, and i have no problems. I get the “smooth” type so its not loosing the soft rubber compound that leaves the marks.

Thanks, I think having the blue hose may make me look a bit fancier for the ones that do see it.

Is this the hose?

Not liking that it has 1 swivel end. Swivels and me have bad luck.

I think most hoses have a swivel end.

The smooth is easier to wipe down and roll up due to less friction.

Nice, you using the reels to hold the hose or are they plumed through the reel?

I got a $200 of $500 at coupon I need to use :slight_smile: so hoping to go through there.

On the pressure side they just hold the hose’s, its easier to take off a hundred then it would be to unroll 2 hundred when i dont need to. My garden hose is plumed through.

I also have their smooth hose in grey. I use two color to separate machines. My 5.5 machine use the blue and my 4 uses the black/grey reel.