Need to pick some brains on this Asphalt Roof Job

Greetings all! So last week, we did an asphalt roof clean and I down streamed the pool essentials liquid chlorine with some “Kling On” Surfactant and a week later, no difference ! And its worked just fine before! Any suggestions on what to change ?

Thanks in advance !

Problem is you ‘downstreamed’ that 10% strength bleach. By the time it hit the shingles you were probably at about .6% concentration, barely enough for a housewash.

The other guys that do roofs for a living on here know a lot more than me but it takes about 4%+ to even start on that stain.


Thats what I was afraid of! Its odd though bc its worked fine for other roof jobs! Hmm… I wonder if I should go ahead and find a simple 5gpm roof wash system or M5 X-jet

Might want to read up more on roof washing before you commit to using a stronger mix, involves insurance, bagging gutters, hosing down foliage etc.

Thankfully we are completely covered in that department! Much appreciated! I’m actually currently searching for an entry level roof wash system…

Get a dedicated system, X-Jet has a ton of overspray and lugging a bucket around a roof and up/down a ladder sucks


Thats true! Not worth it with the X-Jet.

Can’t downstream a roof……it won’t give you any great results. Need usually 4% most of the time, maybe 5-6% on something really bad. Apply with 12v, booster pump, gas pump, 24v….etc. sounds like you’re heading in that direction so much success.

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Pressure is creating your overspray, not the X jet. Slap a j rod on that beast.

Slap it on what beast? They tried to ds originally and it doesn’t sound like they have an alternative method to apply a hot enough mix for roof washing (hence asking if they should go x-jet or 12V)… using a jrod wouldn’t change their results unless they also set up a 12V or equivalent system.

Is there a place to buy these gutter bags. Is it an orange box store deal or can you order them specific from a p wash site? Iv seen literal bags used and sleeves directing the flow to the driveway. Thanks in advance sir!

That’s correct ! We already plan to build a softwash system!

You really don’t want to send roof mix into municipal sewer systems. The wrong person sees you doing that and it won’t be pretty. I understand you’re not doing that, just letting you know it’s not something you want to do.

To answer your question, you can get a U-Line catalog and order some of that poly tubing (I think that’s what it’s called). Not the cheapest way to do it but one of the best ways I’ve seen.


Yes we stay away from roofs as of now but this was good information. As far as not flooding the sewers with such chems we also stay away from gas stations. Seems more of a hassle really.

There are ways to do gas stations without any worry about runoff but definitely don’t want to be sending roof mix runoff down driveways if that driveway runs to a street.

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Buy a 12v. you can’t downstream a strong enough mix. Tons of info around on roof cleaning.

Thanks Racer ! Also when it comes to pollen removal on soft-washes of homes …is that generally still SH and surfactant? Or is a different chemical or mix required depending on the homes material?

READ before you go bankrupt.


pollen? read a lot more.

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raining today, what are you doing?