Need to pick some brains on this Asphalt Roof Job

The poly tubing is perfect! Check around, often you can get it cheaper off Amazon or Zoro. I always buy 6" x 6-mil, so you don’t get as many pinhole leaks… The nice thing is you can make them hold as little or as much as you want/need.

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Staining! Finally got a couple days of decent weather so let everything dry out yesterday and we’re just wrapping up. I have to come back and do some cleanup around the pool but she’s pretty much done.


I was suggesting putting a j rod on your x jet. I get very little mist with a 0050. It wasn’t related to the original topic.

Ah, I see what you mean now. I don’t use my X-Jet much anymore (I still use the M5DS), but when I did, I bent the blades in the nozzle and it helped reduce overspray. Even so, I wouldn’t want to be using it for a roof with no gutters, foliage, or a groundsman around.

Although you must be patient, by hand with tweezers is the only effective way of removing pollen from a house. Most pros use these as they don’t scratch the vinyl as much:


Xjet can be used but it’s not the proper tool for the job. It’s high pressure. Soft washing is the answer.

I am so interested in other people’s roof experiences. Considering how gross the roofs I do are, they all clean up pretty well with 3 percent. I never have to go to 6 like a lot of people say. So crazy that we all do the same job a
And there’s a million different ways and environments to deal with.


Good for artillery fungus too!


I’m just here to learn, being rude is definitely unnecessary lol . We all have to start somewhere

Uh huh … thx bud

I was just going for a giggle or two picturing the scene, no rudeness intended…

Yesterday I accidently had runoff from 3% from a large roof all end up in the flowers instead of where i meant to direct it. All of it from that side. We had prewet everything beforehand and flooded the whole area afterwards is there a chance the flowers are ok? Today it rained hard, raining tomorrow. How long should i wait to go back and check if we burned everything? 3 days?

These are before pictures.

I think the general point being made was, these are super-basic questions (which is fine, and great that you’re asking them), but they’re “before you spray water on anything” kind of questions. These are things that should be known long before you accept a paying client that is unrelated enough to you to be legally married to you (at least in most states).

I know it goes a bit different when you’re starting off as a solo guy, but when I hire a technician, they know 1% or less on siding, 2-3% on wood, and >3% on a roof before we let them turn the proportioner dials on a truck. The risk of damage is up there, and mistakes happen, but get 99% of them out of the way on your house and your close friends/family before you offer professional services to someone else.

People often see pressure washers as unprofessional/unskilled labor, and the number of folks out there supporting that stereotype is staggering. Guys who run a top notch business get irritable when they’re afraid it’s happening again. No one intends to offend.


It’s apparent that you’re a novice and have virtually no idea what you’re doing. Roofs are expensive. Damage one and you’ll likely find out that you’re underinsured. Or worse yet, you’ll find out that your insurance doesn’t cover ignorance and they’ll deny your claim. So, unless you’re independently wealthy, you could very easily go bankrupt.

Going for another giggle?

Rain might help, but SH is inert in probably 12 hours, so the damage would have been done. The bigger question is how much did it rain the 2 days before you were there? Good rule of thumb is have some sort of neutralizing product on hand (or 2), and if the unexpected happens some sort of plant wash (or your own mix of plant food and gypsum pellets) to help the situation. Sometimes all of that does nothing to save the day when something like that happens, but clients are far more understanding when they see you doing all those things to protect their plants.

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We rinsed the plants, then washed the house, then rinsed, then roof, ground guy rinsing during, then all runoff poured in the flowers, then flooded the backyard to dilute. But it was a very hot day in a 3 day heat wave. Today and tomorrow raining a lot. Still no chance? How long before the dead plants are obviously dead? I want to go check before i invoice her.

ROFL … alright bud. .

The Facebook groups are that way :point_right:

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I’ve got something I could say … but I’m going to let it rock … thanks, much appreciated. Have a great evening

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Professions? I don’t know. Maybe just spend some time researching what you’re trying to learn. It’s all right here for you.

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