Need some help. 11 hp honda

So I have an 11 hp Honda belt driven pressure washer. The pump just went out and all stickers and ways to tell what the pump is are not readable. Can someone lead me Olin the right direction on a new pump? I want some pressure as I clean equipment. Thank you

Probably a 3700 psi(max) or 2700psi pump depends on the gpm. Any model# of the washer? Or pic?

I don’t understand too much on the benefits of gpm and the pressure. We have great water pressure and volume. I will be cleaning equipment and cars.

Are you going to post some pictures so we can help you

You do you but you don’t need pressure to clean it you need heat and a good soap upstreamed.

How much pressure do you think you need? What you need is hot water if you are cleaning equipment

Just using cold water for now

Annovi reveberi rkv pump.

Take a good picture of the pump. What kind of equipment

I tried looking up the info but didn’t bring up anything. I would like to have a little more psi. Thanks firefighter!

Heat and 2 stepped with a good soap and acid ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That be an AR 5.5 gpm pump I believe. Your gonna need a bigger hp motor if you want more psi,I’m spit balling your getting around 2700 psi ish ,. Or go with a 4gpm pump and you’ll get the 3500 psi your looking for out of that gx360.

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You’re not going to get any more psi with that lil engine. I’d suggest a 4gpm pump running at 2,500

It’s a 4gpm pump, you’re looking at the electric hp requirements

He ain’t got no acid hell I don’t even have any lol

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You right. You can get a pump pushing 3500 psi

That’s a hard short life for the engine.

I hope not man. That’s what my Hotsy was pushing with a 360 on it before I turned it down to 3000 psi.