Need more space on my trailer!


We stay connected ro the hydrant while we work. Just look at it as another water faucet. We don’t use it as a fill up place. Jobs that only put out 5 gpm is the reason for using a hydrant.


Aahhh…ok. I see. So as long as you have hydrant access, big tanks are completely futile then.




Fire hydrants are far and few between in the suburbs and not available in the country… Plus you need a big wrench and a meter from the governing water authority,… Even in town when they are a block or two away from each other you would need a lot of hose or move the trailer for a fill up… Go with the 125 tank. I got a sixty five gallon on my small 4 gpm rig and rhe only time I have run out of water is when I use the surface cleaner at full flow on a large driveway and the house has only one slow hose Bibb. Then I just have to take a break and let it fill again. Usually since I’m a plumber I will use that to upsell installing or fixing thier outside faucet… :slight_smile:


I’m no concerned about this when it comes to my every day residential work. I just hook to each house. But I may have a small commercial job coming up that has no water source. And I would like to expand into smaller commercial in general. So I’m just thinking ahead to cover those bases.

I’m currently using a 35 gallon on my 5.5 gpm. Yes, you read that right, lol. 98% of the homes we do cohabitation siffucient water flow to feed the machine directly, so my tank stays filled the whole time. But on occasssion, we come across a house with a well or just low flow of water. So with those, we have to stop every now and then and let the tank fill back up. But overall, it’s not a problem. But I can’t do anything with a 35 gallon tank if there’s no on site water source.


What do you think about these?


Orange environmental fencing will work cheaper. But, nothing will prevent water from sloshing against a flat wall like a sloped wall will. I’ve seen people around here using them without straps. Just bolted down at the bottom to the trailer.


With the orange fencing you mean build a wall in the tank?


Just shove a couple dozen feet of it inside the tank. Acts as a baffle.



Most commercial builds have a water source and/or a fire plug. If your out in the boonies you are dependant on thier well. If your lucky they have a pool or a cistern. If not then you either take a lot of breaks or haul water in.


Thanks a ton!


Or don’t wash anything on a well. No sand in the tank and no chance of running a well dry.


Cool idea on the fencing.

I recently read a discussion where people said they used that black 4" or 6" corrugated landscape tubing from Home Depot… cut the tubing the width of the tank, and make a layer on the bottom, then another layer on top of that going the other direction, and continue up to about 8" from the top, or as much as you can fit maybe if you want. They said it was pretty effective.

Going to cost a bit more than the fence idea, though. Dont know how they compare.


@Racer where did you get that table to mount your 8gpm over the smaller machine? And how did you bolt the table to the deck? That looks like exactly what I need to mount my roof machine over mypressure washer.


Your rig is strikingly similar to mine, lol. Two reels on the back, machine in front corner. Simplistic.


That table probably came from creative ingenuity lol. My metal is always disappearing into some project.


That was my first thought but upon a closer look, it doesn’t appear to be a homemade special. If it is, it’s a hell of a nice one, lol.


1" bar stock welded frame, 1 center support with steel top plate. Bottom of legs just 1/4" flat stock 3" tab. Drill hole thru tab and bolt thru floor of trailer. Rock solid. Herculiner all before bolting it to trailer.


Yea man simple and functional. For the first time ever I did 2 homes back to back today with bad water output. After today I think I’d be hesitant to go to a 65 gal buffer tank. I think a 125 may be the best size for me personally. I don’t know though. I’m about to pull the trigger on a 12V skid so I need to make room for it soon. What did you decide on yours?