Need more space on my trailer!


Awesome. Herculiner is great stuff. Did the whole interior of my old K5 blazer in it


I still haven’t decided yet. I’m weighing all the factors…space the tank takes up, weight of the full tank cost to acquire them, and so on. I can get a 275 tote for $150 But a 125 leg tank will cost $350 since I can only find them at tractor supply…no used ones in my area. I like the ability to put signs and stuff on the big tote but I am concerned about carrying it down the road. So I dunno, I’m still up in the air. I confirmed my first commercial job yesterday and it DOES have a water source, so this isn’t as urgent as I originally thought. But for homes with wells and for future commercial that may not have a water supply, id like to be prepared.


Plan for the future. It’ll come a lot quicker than you expect if you’re good at what you do. So figure if you’re going after commercial that someday you may want bigger machine, etc.

Also, I’d put my machine over my roof system. Nearly all roof systems may spring a leak or you can get some just connecting and dis-connecting stuff. Don’t want the bleach dripping down on your pw.


I need a bigger trailer already . …sheesh


125 gal tank for $224. That’s me picking it up. Not sure on shipping to your house.


Sorry to resurrect a year old post but ive been searching on here for flatbed setups and cant seem to find what im looking for… the truck already has a rack against the cab but no rear rack with leaves me the problem of ladders. Id like to keep them a little higher up so i can walk under them (im a whopping 5’ 7" so they dont have to be too high maybe 6’) do you have any pics or your setup or a general idea of what i can do with my ladders?!



there it is! what brand is that if you dont mind me asking?


The bed or the ladder rack? I can’t remember who made the bed but it starts with a c I believe. I’ll look tomorrow. The rack is home made


Looks like ill be doing some custom racks… square tubing is cheap any how.