Need more space on my trailer!


So I’m looking to upgrade to a full size buffer tank, I’m thinking the standard 275 gallon tote. The issue is that I’m only running with a 5x8 trailer and tight on space already. So I’ve determined that I would need to stack a reel and then stack my roof machine over something as well to get it off the trailer deck. Stacking the reel is easy. But how about stacking my roof machine over top of my Pressure washer? Has anyone done this? Or something similar to create more space?


@racer shared a video here of his trailer, creating storage vertically on a trailer. It has two machines mounted over each other and a prenty slick softwash set up in an over the rail toolbox. A lot to learn here for those of us running small trailers.


Do you really need a 275 gal buffer? That’s what I have now and I’m looking to downsize to a 125 or 65 gal. The footprint of the 275 is substantial and you’ll want to change it before long. What is the reasoning behind your need for a 275? What kind of machine are you running?


That’s Racer?? Lol, I’ve seen that video. Well, partially. I had no idea it was him, lol.


Right now I’m only running a 5.5. But I will be adding an 8gpm in the next year. Too many times we’ve been slowed down due to only having one machine. Its also a cost thing. I can get a used, food grade 275 for $150. But if I want a smaller leg tank, I can only find them new, starting at $200…


You can find a 330 gallon IBC tote too. Same footprint. On 2 occasions the 275 gallon IBC tote has saved my butt and will get used tomorrow where I have no access to water either. The footprint of an IBC has been made up for by making those two jobs doable.

There’s a non profit recycling center near me that sells used IBC totes for donations and I find them on Craigslist all the time for $60 to $80. Plus you can hang stuff on the frame.


Another thing to consider is that with an 8 gpm machine 330 gallons is about 40 minutes of wash time compared with 25 for a 200 gallon tank if you can’t fill and wash simultaneously.


That’s the other part…i may have some upcoming jobs that don’t have water access. This is a challenge I’ve never faced before so I figure it’s better to prepare for it before it’s on my schedule. And even if those fall thru, at least in ready when the next one comes up.

I wish I could find them for that price around my area. That’s first cheap!


Yea they’re about $50-75 all around here. I’m not denying their functionality. I’ve never run into an issue personally where I needed more than 120gal (that’s what I have my Hudson float valve set at). Also weight. I’m assuming your 5x8 is a single axle. If that tote is full PLUS the weight of all your equipment you run the risk of breaking a leaf spring, hanger, or the axle. I like mine but it’s just overkill for me. If you’re having water issues then it is definitely the more economical solution. My trailer is a 5x10. 2 hose reels on the back


I run 2 8 gpm machines off of 65 and 125 gallon tanks. Big tank means nothing if you don’t have equipment to safely transport it.


Really?? I figured you had all kinds of huge tanks lol.


My rig is pretty similar to yours except I have a 35 gallon mix tank (I don’t downstream) and a 35 gallon buffer. I usually don’t need the buffer as the majority if homes in my market can put out 5.5 com, but occasionally we get a low flow job, so even the small buffer comes in handy for those. But if I come across a job that doesn’t have a water supply, then what?


So what if you habe a big job that doesn’t have a water supply?


I won’t do it. Never had a big job that could be done with 250 gallons of water. I mainly do apartnents and townhomes. Hydrants are 500 feet apart. No worries. Y’all are going to kill someone transporting those square totes around though, especially if they are only half full. That is not what they are designed for.


I couldn’t agree more. I was just explaining to my wife it’s got to go. @Innocentbystander so you’re saying even a 65 gal is sufficient to use with my 5.5gpm? That would free up A TON of space. I guess worse case is I would have to upgrade to a 125 and then I could use the 65 as a mix tank.


My flatbed has a 65 gallon tank running two 8 gpm machines. Folks need to realize it is a buffer tank, not a holding tank. You will be fine with it


Look on Craigs List. I bought 4 totes for $50 each.


I just went from a 275 tote to a 125 leg tank, save about 2 feet of space. Even with the bigger tank you cant fill it to capacity anyway because of the weight. I had my tote capped at 160 gallons. If you have slow water on a house hook up another hose and run two to the tank.


That’s something I never factored in was hydrants. I’ve never even looked into that. But that’s potentially alot of refilling of water tanks. So of you ever did have a much larger job, I guess you could just rent one of those big water trailers for a while?


What about jobs that only put out 5 gpm from tje source? Wouldnt you have to constantly stop and wait for the tank to fill back up?