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I have a 3000psi Honda Gx200 pressure washer. I’m wanting to get (1) 125 gallon buffer tank and (2) 35 gallon chemical tanks (1 for house mix, the other for roof). I’m just wanting to do Down stream. What all do I need to plumb it? Anybody have a similar setup?

That damn search button tricks me every time also…

Step one hit the magnifying glass.
Step two type plumbing.
Step three enjoy a great video on the first result.

Here’s my thoughts. I use the same mix tank for roof wash and house wash. Roof wash I mix at approximately 6%. 50% water 50% 12.5%SH. For the house I drop my injection pick up hose in to the mix tank and it dilutes enough for house washing. I have a dedicated 12V DC pump for roofs that draw direct from my mix tank.

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check out these for switching between mix tanks

but if your running a roof mix odds are you are running a separate machine for that right??

Nice setup. I never would’ve thought the injector would be able to pull through a line that long and with it 5’ higher than the tank. I guess I’ve seen people mention the X-jet pulling from a really long line and I assume they both operate via the venture effect. It’s good to know so I can install valves where they are convenient to reach.

Thanks for sharing.

Most gx 200 are direct drive. Is yours?

Can someone let me know can this pull water from a tank/Bowser or is it hose fed?

You’re tacking on to a thread six years old. Try starting a new one.

But to answer your question it looks like a gear reduction drive so should draw from a tank. It doesn’t say what flow it produces however.

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