My pressure washer buffer tank plumbing

Threw together a short vid of plumbing my buffer tank for my PW trailer. Might help a few people who are planning on setting up their own trailer on a budget.


(Crickets chirping)… Kinda dead over here, huh?

I’ve noticed there’s a lot more activity on some of the pw’ing facebook groups, if you’re into that :wink:


Good vid, thanks!

Nice set up. My set up as simple as it is was more than i wanted to pay for plumbing
The one thing i notice, is doesn’t look like you have a way to drain the tank. Not sure if there is another bulkhead on the other side. If i have too much water i drain on site, i hate carrying over 50 gallons of water.

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Great video! I’m setting up my tote as we speak. Bought my Hudson Valve and some fittings. Just have to get a few more pieces. Raining here in the Houston area so everything has come to a stop. LOL

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Hey Donte!
If you have a Hudson Valve installed, you can plumb it deep into your tote, like 2 feet down, with a PVC pipe. You’ll never have to worry about carrying too much water then. :slight_smile:

My valve comes in today. I plan to plumb it to about 150 gallons. The valve only stops more water from coming in, you still want a drain to loose some weight.
Also if you can try to get threaded pipes, i made the mistake of getting un-threaded and used pvc cement so now i cant change my set up for the new machine with out starting over.


Put your ball value on the outlet before the filter. So you can shut off to clean filter


Great video, going to use this to set mine up tomorrow

Great video! I just realized today, that I am gonna need to use a small buffer tank. I’ve been looking for ways to plumb in the buffer tank, and found your video! Thanks, and did you make another video of the tank in action? Also, what size tank is that you are using?