Need help staying organized

Can anyone share how they store their pump up sprayers on your trailer? Nothing seems to work for me and they take up way to much awkward space! They end up rolling all over the floor. Pictures are the best please

My trailer is about to get a rack and some storage added on but this is how I’ve been rolling. I used 2x6’s to create a footer to hold my 5 gallon buckets and then slipped my pump sprayers in the middle.

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I use a couple of those black bins with the yellow lids, keeps stuff from rolling around.

In a plastic storage tote.


Menards has square buckets that fit them perfectly. You can tuck the wand in one side. They never get tangled with the others. It’s magnifique. I’ll send you pics shortly.

Bonus: check out that soft wash wand. I’m living in the future.


$50,Menards. Holds 6 ,2 gallon sprayers. Built like a brick poo house. Tractor supply, same exact one , $75. Ya gotta keep n eye on TSC


I use a bucket

Just bought one of these bins that looks like it will work great. Just need to make room sometimes the simplest answer is the best sometimes.

Ive tried straps holding them on the walls, hanging them from the ceiling, 5 gallon buckets they always ended up knocked over and rolling around.

You’ll like it @AquaTeamPowerWash . I screwed a little knob on mine to open it easier.also screwed it to the floor with 2" roof metal screws with the rubber washers to keep it water tight on the bottom. I travel alot of gravel roads,my pump sprayers were getting worn out quickly do to sand and grit destroying the pump o ring.All better now

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Like my tool box that arrived? Hahaha


Where’d you order that from?

Walmart they had free shipping haha here’s the link they sent me in the email.

For my pump ups I use 10" pvc


I guess I’m going to home depot. What did you use to secure the pvc

I can offer no help to this thread! It’s not a secret lol

They heard you like DeWalt.

A nut and bolt through the wheel well of trailer, it also helped that I only left about 10.5" gap from my buffer tank and same wheel well. I also had to buy a 20’ pc from a plumbing supply place in town.

Its not the organizing of the equipment I need help with, its the organizing of the schedule and complete chaos that ensues this time of year…


Google calendar. Best friend that keeps me in-line.

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