Need help? Color turned different color? What do we do?

We clean this house and the original color of the siding was green and it turned Grey what do I do is there something creating this? Has anybody ever seen this before

Is it just the one spot?

It’s on the back and the side of the garage door

Could be a reaction from house wash… red, blue, green, brown (i believe) ppl have said there are possibilities of issues.

When did you wash it?

Replace the siding

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Your saying it’s painted vinyl siding. I didn’t think you could paint it.

You can paint anything. Doesn’t mean you should. Lol

When you wipe your hand does the original color come back?

If that’s the case then a strong degreaser and brushing it will fix it. That uniformed though I doubt it’s oxidation…

Could be though …I had a green siding turn orange on one wall of the garage. I used a mild hydrochloric acid (that’s what I had with me) and brushed it and it came out fine

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The way I Read it was while Cleaning it he exposed the original color that was painted over. If that’s the case repainting it is the only solution.

Ive never run into a house with vinyl that’s been painted. I would have walked away from a painted vinyl house. That looks like a crappy paint job and the house wash exposed it…probably hidden under dirt/mildew.


Lots of apartments paint their vinyl siding. We wash it all the time.

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Are there ever issues like above?

Not yet

Everyone thank you so much for your feedback. Here is the situation. It is partially dark blue siding. The house had a gray glaze to it from the start. Only if you were to look at it from the correct angle. We used a soft wash system with very low pressure and after it dried the house still looked like it had a gray glaze. After we washed the house (WITH THE HOME OWNER GARDNING NEXT TO US THE WHOLE TIME) I returned to the house and where the chimney stopped 3 feet from the ground it was clean. I whipped my hand on it and nothing came off. Then on the exposed part I whipped my hand and the color of the house was on my fingers. Luckily we were so cautious with this clean it did not cause streaks so the picture above is after we cleaned and returned to the home. Is this oxidation or is it something else? What should I say to this client? How should I treat this situation? She still has not paid us.

This happened to me a couple of times. I believe that SH can cause oxidation to become magnified or lighten and become more obvious. It’s definitely 100% oxidation that is the issue but it was cleaning the house that caused it to be so obvious and offensive. It can be fixed. Use your preferred method to remove oxidation and it will look similar to before you cleaned it. I would love someone to tell me why this happens.

I stopped cleaning dark blue and that specific color of green you have in your picture. The siding was fine before I cleaned it then after I cleaned it and dried it looked exactly the same as pictured above. I use 2 gallons of SH, 3 gallons of water and less than 5 oz of Elemonator. I can only assume my house wash caused it. I would love for someone to tell me how to prevent this in the future.

Do not wash dark blue, green, brown, or red houses.


Sherwin Williams makes a vinyl siding coating system, but it’s not standard house paint. I saw one of the little marketing placards when I was in the store the other day. It’s more like a “bed liner” of sorts for vinyl. I would imagine they’re using a coating system and not regular latex… right?

I don’t know that. My guys know to leave a note and leave if I haven’t screened a customer enough to find out the color of their house. Not worth taking a chance.

I know Sherwin-Williams, and probably a few other paint manufacturers are moving toward organic pigments in their paints… SH and organic are not friendly. Rising pigment cost is pushing SW to alternatives, and the alternatives are not always better… organic pigment, and lesser quality Chinese pigments.

Sherwin-Williams pushes Simple Green as their recommended cleaner, but do mention that HOUSEHOLD bleach diluted with water can be used to clean mildew… how many of us are using household bleach? All issues with SW paints have been replied to by SW as contractors fault for using a high concentration of bleach.