Need advice on my first tank set up

What i have here is a 250 gal tote with a power horse 1574200 (a cheap direct drive 4000 4gpm 13 hp machine). Now the owners manual clearly says not to draw from a tank as I imagine most dd pumps wont. Luckily for me i only need to bring my tank for 7 of 52 gas stations next month so my question is can anybody give some solid economically sound advice on which pump I need that can draw from the tank. I admit this is new to me and I could be totally wrong but from my research it is cheaper to just change my pump then it would be to keep my setup with a generator or battery operated water feed drawing from the tank. I would sincerely appreciate it if anyone who knows could enlighten me on this matter.

First you need to make sure you have 4 gpm flow coming out of the tank. I have a 100 gall tank hooked to a garden hose to keep it filled with a 1 1/4 inch hose from the tank to the pump. The higher the tank is filled the better the flow. Open the hose you want to use coming from the tank and place it it a 1 gal container and see how long it takes to fill. 15 seconds is the number your looking for. If its a 2 1/2 gallon bleach container it should take about 37-38 seconds. Also if your planing on running a bleach solution of anything more then 10 to 1 you will destroy your pump pretty quickly.

I don’t think he’s running SH through his pump… are you?

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no bleach but this is my plumbing setup to the 3/4 hose. also does the length of the hose affect,effect the water flow

also the reason got the tank was because of the 7 gas stations without water access

my bad please disregard the previous commit i misread what you had wrote

how many gallons does your tank hold?
To improve the flow you can
run a larger hose
get a large tank
the higher the tank is over the PW
The more volume in the tan, the better the flow.

I was asking about the bleach solution because a lot of the newer PW guys dont understand why they have a soft wash setup when you can blow out the bleach with a tank setup.

If you have access to 110v, Harbor Freight has a really good water pump that belts out some crazy GPM at 60psi.

I was using one for my direct drive until I figured out my Cat pump runs off my buffer tank.

Huh? That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Downstream injectors are down stream for a reason. Don’t run any more chlorine through your pressure pump than what’s already in the tap water.


275 i believe

but I am limited by my trailer to 2000 cap.

is there such a thing to much water flow for the pump i have?

Here’s that pump I was talking about, cost something like $80. I’m actually going to sell mine locally.

thanks for sharing. That is probably the pump im going to try.

you mentioned needing a 110 v can i use a power inverter and batter if so how many watts do u recommend and amp hour for the battery

How long have you ran your direct drive Cat without a water pump?

Since last fall.

275’s have 5 rows on the cage and 330’s have 6 rows. The 330’s have the same footprint as the 275 they’re just taller so just count the rows and you’ll know.

No, but most pumps don’t like the inlet pressure to exceed 60

That’s a 1/2 hp motor just stop.

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Inverters tend to drain batteries very quickly. Maybe you could bring a small generator if no 110v is available?