My Newest Toy - Should Have Bought One Sooner

You haven’t heard? Now anyone ever gets anywhere is Covid. Even using an oem Chevy part can give it to you here in Cali!


I was gonna get one of those but it was supposed to be a real short battery time and I figured a bleach mix would kill it. I see this is an old post, did it hold up for you?

Mine is still good I love it, hasn’t got a ton of use yet tho battery life is fine and lasts a few jobs just keep an extra battery on the truck

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Might have to get one.

My battery life good with mine, but I use one of the slightly larger on mine. Plus you can cover a lot of area pretty quick with it. Can do a decent sized drive in 5 min. Good for hitting nasty stoops and steps as well as foundations too. They sell it as a chem sprayer, so far no problem at all with bleach. But I run water thru mine for a min or 2 after each use


Looking closer at the Warranty, it’s only 90 days for commercial use. But Home Depot offers a 2 year extended warranty for $12 that you can get.

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I put that $12 toward high capacity batteries & would do the same again.

I liked mine but I ran about a couple pails of gylphosate thru it and it killed it.

What were you doing, spraying weeds at the farm? That shouldn’t have bothered it at all. I run some nasty stuff thru mine pretty regularly.
Good thing about buying from Home Depot, walk back in and tell them it quit working and they’ll give you a new one.

That’s exactly what I was doing. That may not have been what killed it, but it was the last thing is was spraying when it died. It’s still an awesome little gizmo