My New Rig and a few thank you's

Well, I upgraded. And I decided to go big. lol. At least big for me. :smiley:

Most of you know I’m part-time so this was a big expenditure for me. I went and bought a package trailer. It was the best route for me.

8 gpm / 3k psi with a burner

I feel this allows me to do just about any type of work I might ever want to do and it really opens up the door for commercial flatwork should I want to pursue it.

I owe a ton of you a bunch of thanks. Y’all know who you are! Thank you!!! And I don’t want to turn this into the grammy awards where everyone and their mom gets mentioned. But I do need to mention a few people specifically.

@Hotshot welcomed me to the forum and helped me to feel “at home”. If it wasn’t for him, I might not have stuck around. Thank you, Sean!

@Racer pointed me in the direction of this trailer set-up. He was gracious enough to correspond with me and point me in the right direction. Thank you, Rick, for all your help and making this forum a great place. You bend over backwards to help people out. I’m blessed and challenged by your example.

@MDA1775 has been my go-to whenever I had a question regarding staining a deck/fence. He’s given me a ton of info. And I’ve gone and searched out many of his past posts. He might not have the title of “Wizard of Wood” but he sure is one! Thanks, Mark, for all the help. My customers’ decks/fences look a lot nicer thanks to your input and sage advice!

@marinegrunt has answered tons of my questions. I have a lot of respect for this guy. He knows his stuff. He’s another person who makes this forum so great. Thank you, Brian, for continuing to encourage me and help me in many areas including pulling the trigger on getting this new trailer. You are indeed a true friend.


Super nice :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Congratulations that looks really nice!

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That’s a nice rig! Congratulations!

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Thanks for the kind words. If you ever need more help spending your hard earned money just ask! :smiley:


This is awesome, congrats @qons!


:joy: I can count on you!

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Congrats. Looks good. Should be a good money maker for you. Thanks for the kind words.


Holy fancy rig man , Congratulations !!
Im super happy for you professor
Mike !! Thats gonna make you big coin my friend.


Well what kind is it ,who makes it. Looks like a 120v burner i think , motor size/type etc,etc ,so fourth and so on.
Only reason @marinegrunt ain’t yapping for information is im assuming he knew already lol. Two 120v burners in less than 3 months doesn’t ever happen.

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Me yapping? Come on now. Believe it or not I’m actually pretty shy in person. I’m that quiet guy or at least until I get to know you.

You and Dez talked me into the 120v. @florida_condo_cleani talked me into getting the Kohler 26.5 hp. I also did a ton of research. I haven’t done a bucket test but I bet the pump puts out at least 9 gpm. It’s a beast of a washer.

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:joy: :joy::joy: True!

You and @dperez make good salesmen. :smiley:

I got it from BCE Systems in Georgia.

Brian gave the other details. :smiley: Like I said, he helped me out big time.

I did have the Zk1 unloader put on it. The trailer comes as a two gun system. I wasn’t interested in that based on everything I’ve read here. Not sure why but to have the Zk1 unloader, it couldn’t be configured as a two-gun system. But I didn’t care. I figured I could put my 4/4 on the trailer and just use it separately. My two oldest sons help me out occasionally so that would make things go quicker with a second machine.

I’m just excited I don’t have to roll up 250ft of pressure washing hose anymore. Try doing that a few times. And I’m excited to wash a house with 8+ gpm. I intentionally pushed all my house washes back a couple weeks so I’d have the new machine to use.

A few things that were pretty cool about BCE 1) they drove the trailer to me–all the way from Georgia to St. Louis. That was included in the cost. 2) Keith, who dropped off the trailer, spent about 45 minutes walking me through everything, answering my questions, firing the machine up and showing that it works including the burner. He even gave me his cell and said to text if I had any questions. I did have a few later that night and he answered within a couple minutes. That’s customer service right there! 3) Randy and his son run BCE. He’s easy to work with and took the time to answer my questions. I got a 5x12 trailer instead of the 6’6x14’ that is standard because I wanted to fit it in my garage. I was concerned about dimensions so Randy walked out and measured it bumper to bumper for me since I needed to know the exact width.

I’d like to get a 12v. And maybe add a ladder rack at some point.




Fine machine Mike ,fine machine. I’ve heard good things from a 2 gun system this year if you wanna do that, They finally got the unloader gpm flow figured out. Who knows you might have a hired hand on the second gun in no time.

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How many gallons is your buffer tank sir.

  1. It came standard with 525 but I wanted some room on the trailer especially since I was going with a smaller trailer. And it seemed many on the site were happy with 325.

325 is plenty for a single machine if there is water on site . 525 can be a lot to haul


What are you pulling this with, Mike? Does it have brakes on one or both axles?

Get the ladder rack pronto. One benefit of IBC totes is you can easily hang a decent sized sign on either side. You can’t do that with the leg tanks so if you have a ladder rack it’s just a few more welds or bolts and you can frame out for a really good sized sign.

5.7 Toyota Tundra

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