My first brick job


Actually yes, I used the green tip to blow his leaves off first, works better than my Husky blower!

BTW I never said I was a ‘professional’ at this. I’m surprised this forum doesn’t have moderators to cut down on snide remarks.


It’s tough when the moderators make the remarks lol


If I drive a work truck home I get a fine from the hoa lok


Dcbrock your coming in here for advice, Take it! These guys know what there talking about from real world experiance… it sounds to me like you only take the advice you want to hear…


I love advice and appreciate every bit I can get. I could do without the nastiness however.


We live in such a sensitive world


Haven’t really seen any snide remarks but this is a professional washer’s forum, so it may not be the best fit for you, if you are not doing this professionally.


Man up, my friend. You should go back and see some of the remarks I’ve endured, t’s just a rite of passage.


You’re right, I’m not ‘doing this professionally’. It’s an add-on to my professional window cleaning, as a package. I do however want to do it the right way.


agree. Post treatment has done wonders for me and less time trying to go over everything again and again.