My first brick job


First time washing brick, hand sprayed with 4% and let sit for 15 minutes then used surface cleaner and touchup with turbo.

He’s a long time WC customer but I got the sense he was a bit disappointed the black spots didn’t come off. He felt they were mildew but I pointed out bleach and physical contact didn’t phase it so he was understanding.

Any idea what it is?


Did you post treat? I’ve ran into that and a decent post treatment usually takes care of it


No, I didn’t. Heading back tomorrow for his deck, just use more 4%? Rinse?


Don’t rinse


Ok thanks.


Tell him his brick is like a car…let it sit in the woods for decades and then wash it.

It will look good but not new

But yes…it’s mildew deeps into the pores of the brick. Like @Kps0410 said…spray and leave.
It needs to soak into the brick

But now you have a decision to make…

If you spray it and it does come out now you look like an idiot in his eyes. M


Nah, he’s cool…I’ll just spray and let sit. Should I do 6%? Will it leave white salt behind?


If it were me I wouldn’t go over 4 but that’s me.


I’ve went as strong as full strength on some brick that hasn’t been cleaned in 40 years. Go strong and leave it there. Just use a pump sprayer only on the spots that need it. Doesn’t look like there’s any vegetation around to worry about. Even after this you may need to touch up with turbo and some more chem.


Heavy mildew on brick/concrete 101. Spray 50-100 percent SH on black spots leftover. Rinse or not…that’s how it is done. Sometimes it turns brown then yellow and dissolves right in front of you. Sometimes it needs dwell time and more coats.


You physical address is on your profile in the “name section”


You won’t find him without his apartment number :crazy_face:


I really soaked just the black spots with 6%, let soak for about 3 hours and turbo’ed them…nothing.

Bottom line, either this is some sort of super mold, or the brick is actually that color.

I also (unwillingly) power washed his deck. He wanted the dirt taken off which I did with my 40 degree after he scrubbed it with diluted wood bleach. There was some hardcore ‘super’ algae left, so after letting dry a bit I used some 3% and let sit for 20 minutes.

No change. At all.

He wanted to try the green tip and decided that was the way to go. I had to do an old fashioned strip of the deck boards so that was another 1.5 hours of that nonsense.

What a day.


I don’t know how to leave quotes on here. But, what do you mean he decided the green tip is the way to go? You sure never let the customer tell you how to do your job. One reason is you are still responsible if things go south. Another, is that you lose credibility by losing control of the job.


Yes, never let the customer telll you what to do.

You do it your way and if the results are unsatisfactory then you don’t charge them.

If you used wood bleach then SH you went backwards in the process


Not quite guys…if a customer was happy with the use of a green tip, I’m more than happy to oblige. I’ve known him for years so no worries.


Lol. Are you running a business or a hobby?

You don’t let customers tell you how to do your job. Since it took you a few more hours, did you charge a few more hundred? I’m guessing not.

Either way, do what you want but it will be hard to grow a business with customers dictating how you do your job.


Clearly you haven’t done enough research. For starters, badly stained brick requires multiple applications with the knowledge that 4-6% SH will eventually and ultimately kill anything on the brick. I often start a job applying strong SH solution only to return periodically to reapply until it’s time for a rinse to wash off the dead bacteria a, algae, and moss.

Secondly, WTH is diluted wood bleach? If oxalic acid, wait until you’ve applied and rinsed of your SH, THEN apply an oxalic treatment and watch it brighten.

Thirdly, before you go out again STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!




I’m not even sure what I would do if a customer told me the green tip should suffice at a job. Probably pack up and leave. Would you tell a doctor what he needs to prescribe to you for an infection you know little about? How long do you think he’d keep you in his office since you know more than him? That person you’ve “known for years” could come back and sue you for damages because you jacked up his property…even though he said to use the green tip…YOU are the expert. It’s happened many times in small claims court. Read or go away


Preach it. Once you start dealing with their money you’re not their friend it’s business then. If you want it to be personal then do it for free someone once told me that you can have a friendly relationship with customers but not a business relationship with friends