Multiple machine thread


Myne has an old true green fiberglass body on it.

I set it up just to get by the last few months.

250 gallon buffer , 35 gallon chem tank , 2 machines on stainless mounts with hose reels on top.

This winter I’m working on getting it set up a lot more efficient.

Like Florida said, sucks on the highway but it is awesome in communities with sharp turns. So far, nice little truck.

I plan on buying another flat bed NPR here in January / Feb. (New tax year) you can find them for right around 5k if you take time looking and willing to travel. Seems like yours is a good deal to me if everything checks out


This is how I set mine up when I added my second machine. 1 275 gallon tank works perfect with 1 inch lines feeding each machine.


That looks nice


Take some pics of your plumbing set up for me… if you dont mind


Such a clean rig!


I’ll see if I can find one I’ve already taken. I’m in the process of sanding everything down to repaint. If not I’ll send you a picture when I get everything put back together.


What kind of sander you using on trailer metal. Thinking about doing mine soon. Got some rust on my curbside fender


The sand blast nozzle for your pressure washer will work great. I’ve used it several times from metal to removing bottom paint from a boat


lol, I’d have to buy a sand blast nozzle, etc… I’ve never used one. But that might do the trick. I’d kind of like to get rid of some Herculiner too in a couple of places. But doesn’t it make an awful mess?


I may just sell my trailer and get a new one tho. This one is like 2 years old. Kind of ready to do a fresh build anyway.


Yes it makes quite a mess . Get an aluminum trailer This time. I good one will last forever even with SH on it. Aluminum frame and PT deck is as good as it gets for our industry


Will an aluminum carry that much weight though? Never really looked at except for a car hauler.


Aluminum is much stronger actually. Comparing the same tencil strength of steel aluminum will require much more stress before failure. Aluminum also has no memory so I can flex and still return to its form.
Aluminum is also 40 percent lighter.
60 series aluminum is considered structural aluminum it is strong and stiff and good for welding .
Ideally when using aluminum you should increase the gauge by 25 percent for rigidity.
If a trailer is usually made out of 3/16 steel . If using aluminum 1/4 is recommended.
Because aluminum weld is very soft every joint should have a gauset . Premium aluminum trailer builders use bolts or rivits in addition to welds of most joints .
When built correctly a aluminum trailer will last forever because they will likely never rot


If I had time I would build you one for half the cost of buying one. I honestly couldn’t tell you when that would be though.
Both my 16’ flatbeds were quoted $4500 each .
I built mine with 50 percent stronger material for $1500 each . If I used PT decking instead of diamond plate it would of been under $1000 .


Where can i find a good quality aluminum flatbed trailer? Anything i should look out for in the build?


I’m not sure we’re the best place to buy one is . As far as what to look for 4 or 5” main frame 3 or 4” cross members . But mainly gausets everywhere a bare minimum of every other cross member should have a gauset on it. Critical areas or high stress areas should also have through bolts for safety.
Be prepared to spend better 4 and 5 thousand on a good one. The cost in material isn’t much different. But the time to build one is twice that of a steel trailer.


I totally agree alloy is awesome, I’m sick of rebuilding boat trailers the salt water smashes them.
The next one is going to be aluminum for sure.
My brothers boss built a beauty for his 23 footer
It had independent suspension and airbags-no expense spared.