Multiple machine thread


I’m adding a second machine to the trailer next year. As I sit here planning out my layout for the season I’m curious what opinions are on a multiple buffer tank set up. I use a tote now and it works great. Just curious if maybe I can save some space and be a little more versatile switching to 2 100 gallon tanks. (5.5 gpm 8gpm if it matters) Opinons appreciated.


One tank is all you need


I use two 225 gallon tanks instead of one 500 gallon. Mainly because I had 4 of them . Ended up working great there is virtually no sloshing. that I can notice . This does take up more space though.


We’re running 5.5 and an 8gpm off of a 300 gallon tank. Most of the time it’s ok but last weekend we did a commercial job where the water pressure was low. We started with a full tank and we still had to wait a couple of times for it to catch up. But 90 percent of the time it’s fine


I think I’m picking up a NPR this weekend, any chance you could post or pm me a couple pictures of your set up? I’d really appreciate it. I’m trying to figure out how to maximize the space.


2 100 gal tanks going to take up more space than one 330 tote. Plus you be able to hang crap from them, lol. As long as I’ve got pretty decent flow that’s enough for running my 4 and 8.5 at the same time. But around here, that’s 50-50.



I thought about going to a leg tank when we redid the trailer but I don’t want to get rid of my tote tank. It’s got a lot of storage



What’s under the reels? Hard to see for the ugly dude standing in front of, lol. And what’s in all the tanks you’ve got mounted?



On the FRR Under the reels is 2 8.5x3500 cold water units
Tanks are 2x225 gallon water tanks
1x225 SH tank
1x50 gallon OX TANK

The NPR has one 325 gallon water tank
One 225 gallon SH tank
One 50 gallon OX TANK
1 17gpm x3500 unit

All chem sprayers are dual intake so all can spray double what the chem tanks carry


Thank you! What length are your beds? Do you feel the water sloshing any hard with the tank turned in the last picture?


Darn, you use that much OX that you have a separate tank for it? For cleaning fertilizer stains? You don’t have red mud down there.


What year is your npr? Had any trouble with it?


Probably 25 percent of the homes have rust stains from the sprinklers. I go through about 1 bad of OX a month on residential and sometimes 2 or 3 bags a day for HOAs . It’s included in our bids for common areas


Is a 1999. It’s a great truck just sucks on interstates . 65mph is about as fast as you can safely run it .
Around town it’s amazing. Will pull a house and sips fuel.
I wouldn’t buy another 3.9ltr thought. 2004 or 2005 Isuzu went to a 5.2ltr engine that is both powerful and does ok on the hwy.


Both beds are 16ft pretty standard for most wheel bases . And no you really don’t feel and sloshing. Only after you brake hard


Friend of mine Pat Clark over at Precision Prowash has one with a lower bed on it, but heck has to put a new transmission in it like every month it seems.


Something is wrong then. Automatic transmissions in medium duty trucks are good for about 200000 miles between rebuilds. Usually between $2500 and $3500 for a rebuilt trans . It’s just something to keep in mind. I’m guessing his tranny shop sucks. Or his employees drive like dick heads