Multiple machine thread


Dang they don’t cost anymore to rebuild than my f250


Most shops including tranny shops don’t rebuild most trannys in house . They just swap them for ones remaned by a factory. They usually charge $1000 for this one day service.
$3500 better get you a heck of a trans for a f250 you can buy a bad a$$ John woods trans for $3500 good for half a million miles


Prices here range 2500-3000 to remove rebuild and replace


Makes sense if that includes labor. Trans swaps are a no brainer on older trucks so I do all mine myself. No way I could do one on newer stuff without towing it to the dealer for a computer reset . I don’t buy anything I can’t repair myself.


That is an awesome rig mate, I need that size truck to carry my painting gear and wash gear. I’m over the trailer caper…my truck is too small to fit everything on


The one I’m looking at has the 3.9ltr. Seems like it’s too good of a deal to pass up though. It’s from California, so no rust, with 115k miles for $3000. I posted pictures of it in another thread a couple of weeks ago.


Darn, that’s a steal.


Right! The only thing is it doesn’t have a bed, it’s just the frame, but I can fab/build one for it at a reasonable price.


There are 2 3.9ltr engines both are very good . But they a known to blow head gaskets from over working them. Then the are sold cheep on the market to guys that have no way to test them first. Be very carefull


Bring a diesel mechanic or take it to a shop before you buy it . Let it get to operating temperature then do a compression test. All cyclinders should be around 440 psi .
You can do this yourself with a cheap harbor freight kit .
If the gasket is blown it will cost close to $1000 in just parts


I believe it’s the second gen 3.9. Buying it from another pressure washer in the area that went to an enclosed trailer. He got it from a trugreen type company. It ran and drove great. Also fired up after a week of sitting with no issue. I’ll see if I can find my compression tester. Sounds like he wants to work together once spring rolls around, which is a bonus. Thanks for all of the info!


It’s a 4bd2t . It’s the same engine I have in my npr . You cannot use a normal compression tester on a diesel. They have no spark plugs. You need a Diesel tester that uses glow plug ports.
A common issue with those engines is cooling them . Most fail because of the fan clutch. And radiator cap.
Spin the fan clutch before you start the engine and make sure it has resistance. I should not spin freely.
Replace the radiator cap just for the heck of it and piece of mind.
They are great trucks and will run forever with good maintenance but more importantly knowing the limitations of it and not asking it to do something it wasn’t designed to do. Mainly go fast
Surprisingly I was averaging 17-19 mpg around town and 10-12mpg on the hwy .
They are really amazing for neighborhoods


Yeah, I do have one for diesel. My other truck is a diesel f350. Good to know! I will definitely spin the fan and look at (and if I buy) replace the radiator cap. Any add ons that you’ve found to cool them better? I didn’t realize they got that good of mileage. I have a ton of lakes around me so it will be nice to zip in and out of some of those tight roads. If I’m ever on the hwy I’m not going more than 10 miles usually.


Nothing really can be added factory spec is really the best thing you can do.
On a side note I did discover a weird thing on them though. If you battery or alternator is week the truck will shift very hard. It’s strange but it’s a very crude and simple system. Doesn’t take much to make it crazy.


You can buy that head gasket kit for the Hbd1 for less than $75.

If there is no damage like a cracked head…parts cost for that gasket replacement would be less than $250…including new oil, filter and coolant.

With that said, I am not advocating buying one with a blown head gasket…unless the price supports it, of course.


The OEM head gasket for a 4bd2 is $350
The head bolts are torque to yeild and not reusable there also $350 for a set
If any water got in the head chances are it damaged the injector nozzle. There about $250!to have all 4 rebuilt.
Skip or cheap out on any of this and you’ll likely pay for it sooner or later


I’ve rebuilt 3 4bd2 engines. All were rebuilt previously within 5000-10000 miles . All had the same issue. Previous owner a big lawn spraying company hired a local shop to fix them so they could be sold . A friend of mine bought all 3 .
All 3 had been over heated. Repair shop used eBay gasket kit with original head and bolts .
All 3 heads looked fine but showed dozens of cracks when X-rayed.
I remanded head add $500 to the rebuilt.
Two engines had holes in the pistons from water entering during combustion requiring piston kits with sleeves.
All of this was caused be trying to repair the engine buy using just a cheap head gasket .


I have been around a few that have been fixed…they have been reliable and didn’t break the bank to fix them. I am not for half doing mechanical work…but I am not for spending unnecessary money either. Just because factory replacement parts are not used…that does not constitute a poor and unreliable repair job. Just have to know where and how to spend the money. We all have our own experiences and they often vary from the experiences of others.

Not trying to insult you or anyone else…y’all can all probably tell me a lot about washing most anything as you have more and more varied experience…however, on the mechanical side of things, I imagine my experience will matchup with anyone here.




You’re running a cab over too, right? How did you set it up?