Mulch stains on equipment

Will start one nursery this Sunday and am about to put in another bid on a different nursery after talking with the GM yesterday. They have 3+ skid loaders but are damn near black from the mulch stains. Would 2 stepping get rid of this?

All the threads that mention mulch are either house stains or concrete stains.

I would say Super Sonic ,followed by Dyna Clean would make very quick work of it. Oooo that’s right ,your to cheap and on the fence to buy the good stuff, and want to take ALL day to wash two skid steer’s.Haha,hehe,:joy::weary::cry: …MR trip over a dollar,to pick up a nickel.

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Not cheap at all. You swear by Hydrochem, other people swear that another company has a better product. I want to see for myself but spending just as much on shipping as a 5 gallon pail is just dumb, but if I was to go with them I could get 10 pails for the same $150. I’ll exhaust my local vendors first, figure out which one is best here and then once I get more clients will try Hydrochem and the other companies out there.

I get ya @GeorgeNicholson . Just pulling you’re chain. I get acids from my local guys as well. Hydro Chems shipping sucks. No way around it. Next order I get will be 32 6 gallon buckets on one pallet. Peace out

As to your question . Two stepping will get almost any job done quicker and cleaner than any other method in our industry , period. If you know what your doing.

Oh hell! Gotta start somewhere I guess. Thought about two stepping on my truck before heading to the nursery this weekend.

I know, you have been pretty helpful

Best advice when 2 stepping that I can give you. If you’re dealing with HF ,be very cautious about, windows ,mirrors and over spray on other stuff ,get a windshield repair kit in case it dries.

No HF, a milder (if there is really a thing) acid base till I get the hang of everything and want to move to a more aggressive 1st step. Will probably stay away from HF then too. The vendor here said to spray in quarters of a side to start out with and let dwell 30 seconds before switching to second step, let dwell again for 30 then go to rinse. Which should I be using a 15/25/40 degree tip?