Mud Dog Trailer Delivered!


Shout out to Patrick @ ICE Company and too Mud Dog trailers I recieved my 8GPM Mud Dog Trailer today ! This is truly an impressive machine and Patrick makes sure to give you as much knowledge you need to know about these trailers and chemicals. I am glad that I chose the Mud Dog trailer. 20190125_173524|374x500


Just saw 8 GPM. If you don’t mind me asking, what’d you pay?


Nice! Glad you like it…hope it makes you a lot of $$


Sharp rig. Lake murry SC?


Just call Patrick he will hook you up. Yes sir Lake Murray SC


Thanks. I’d love to build a few trailers a year, predominately in the winter, to sell. I just can’t really figure out how to make much money on them for the effort involved. That’s why I was curious about pricing.


They’re listed on CL for 10-12k. Don’t know if it’s the same models


Seems like you would have to have a smooth system assembly process and maybe a bulk discount with manufacturers. I’ve only done one build and it’s still a work in progress. A lot of effort and I’m still not satisfied. Need more gpm!


gonna get @SchertzServicesLLC to pilot you to destination?


I can’t like this enough. He will never live that down.


LOL nope. They gotta come get them or I’m gonna sell them to knuckleheads around here. I could sell them to my competition in my strongholds and still dominate my market. My competition here in the northland is pretty silly. I’m gonna sell them to guys like this.


Lmao. Love that picture


Need to sell him English language


ICE, puts a cheap pressure pro on outsourced trailers, cheap reals, and basic plumbing, marks it up by $3k and sends them out the door. You could do this @squidskc and offer a better product for less money. But then you would be a vendor and a vendor shouldn’t be a contractor


that filter, to me, is too close to pump.


What did he say?


I’ve all but shut that side of the company down! But $20 is $20 lol


Not sure what you mean.


You and I agree on something. :slight_smile: I was curious about the plumbing they chose. Hard 90, galvanized pipe into brass, filter upside down hanging off the pump, and a long run spa flex all seemed super weird.


Lol. ICE doesn’t have a very good reputation for quality, but there are so many new people entering the industry that they have easy prey.