Mud Dog Trailer Delivered!


You can build a much better trailer yourself for a lot less money :moneybag:.


This particular trailer is a one day job for a guy with a forklift. It’s super simple, but yeah, the plumbing is highly suspect.

@LakeMurrayPW I wish you the best of luck and hope you make tons of money. And I think it’s awesome that you made the investment and an eight GPM machine. But I’d probably replumb it before you used it much.

The good news is that’s pretty cheap to do and most of it’s already there. You just gotta swap it around a little bit and buy some fat PVC for $5.





It was a joke…his English is so bad it was hard to read.


Oh. I definitely misunderstood. I always ask guys like this if they’re insured. So that’s what I thought you might have meant after I asked.

It usually destroys their shot at actually doing business on the swap & shop that day because the honest ones say no and the others just ignore you. This guy ignored me.


I’ve been debating on making truck skids and selling them. Have a list to choose from what all you want on it or just making bare skids. Bare skids would be less of a headache as far as warranty work and whatnot if a machine or something messes up. That’s not a proportioner in the pic. It’s a downstream injector manifold. Didn’t want y’all thinking I’ve got some janky proportioner on the truck lol.


For your DS injector manifold to work do you have to open the ball valves all the way?


Swap and shop?


That manifold can meter the three liquids to an injector on you machine? Never seen that. I’m interested. Probably don’t need it, but I like that.


Clean looking build. I could see people buying a skid like that for their pickup rigs.

I like the foam insulation around your pressure lines.

How does that injector manifold work? Seems like all the plumbing would reduce the draw rate some, no?


Instead of batch mixing you draw pure bleach and water…strong mix no water , 50/50 open them both up. Personally I wouldn’t have a soap one cause that’s going to waste a lot of the injectors pull. I think it accomplishes the same as those new injectors with the x jet looking proportioners.


I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a similar DS set up. How is it working out for you?


No. The SH valve in the middle pulls from my SH tank that I run straight with soap mixed in. I close it and open the water valve to flush out my injector. The “soap” valve is on a drop tube that I usually drop in my acid jug when doing construction or a degreaser when doing commercial. Then flush it with water. I can open up the water some and the SH valve if I need to dilute my mix down more.


Love it. Super simple. I made my own proportioner and just applied the same principle.