Mosmatic Swivel

My local supplier FINALLY received my swivel. I’ve seen other posts that proclaim the Mosmatic swivel as a game changer, and I watched @Racer 's video on the ball valve and swivel months ago:

To ball valve or not to ball valve - #15 by Greg755

I bought the ball valve months ago and that really is a game changer. The swivel is the greatest gift I’ve ever given my wrists: yesterday, and while my hose was under pressure, I swung my gun around easier than one of those party noisemakers. I should have ordered one of those months ago.

THANKS, @Racer


Nice i ordered one myself to try out, installed it today, will try it out tonight

I set up my ball valve just like Rick has his. I don’t even notice the weight and the convenience outweighs the weight if I did. Since the swivel on my hoses doesn’t turn very well when under pressure, I won’t work without the mosmatic swivel. I’m setting up 3 more just Incase lol

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I only use the ball valves if I’m surface cleaning now. House washes I rarely mess with it unless I’m cleaning concrete right after.

It’s freeing to have a swivel on your hose end, no large mosmatic or ball valve.

My ball valve is stiff as a rock when under pressure. Unless other ball valves are easy I am missing what’s so great! I HATE MINE!

Which one do you have?

Yeah that one sucks…

This is the one you want


I’ll have to give that a shot… my thinking was longer handle more leverage.

I thought the same thing

I only use them before the reel because of the handle.
Use the other one like squid posted for the gun

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Random sidetrack question:

I wonder if there’s a way to attach a longer handle to that ball valve? I’ve got one of those cheap long handled ones, and I’ve also got a remote controlled bolt-on ball valve controller that I got off Amazon.

I’ve been wanting to set it up so I have a remote controlled injector bypass. But I’m pretty sure the cheap valve is going to require more torque than the little valve controller can muster. So I need to figure out a way to attach this:


To this:


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Car wash guru here. Why not a simple solenoid?

this is a 24VAC Dema valve. I’m sure power supply might be 12VDC? Only way would be a 120V power supply (generator or some setups have an actual plug), a step down transformer and your switch

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PLEASE post a link for that! I’ve been looking for that mechanism and haven’t been able to find it.

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I got the last one on amazon last year. They’ve deleted the listing since then. Zwave makes a similar one

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eBay has them dirt cheap.

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Thanks guys!

No more ball valve for me!

Also, a while back I replaced the guns on my SCs with female QCs, so these will plug right in

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Welcome to the world of efficiency

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You must not use a surface cleaner. I couldn’t go back to working without a ball valve for a number of reasons, among which are the need to quickly move between guns (still xjetting with different proportioners for different functions and SH strengths) or gun and SC. I find that my SC is one monster of an upgrade for walkways and drives. I used to waste an incredible amount of time and energy walking back and forth shutting off my machine to move between SC and rinse. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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